A Toast to Health: Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free, Please!

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A Toast to Health: Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free, Please!

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Based on health and wellness coaching techniques, this book equips the readers with new tools to start a new journey towards behavioural change, when they cannot seem to achieve their desired goals by themselves.
What is to be expected from a finance executive who left his promising career to pursue his dream in functional health gastronomy?
Using informal, carefree, and humorous language, this book deciphers lessons contained in lengthy academic treatises for non-professionals, helping readers to transform their eating habits effectively and safely and, more appealingly, without need to resort to several types of specialists. The author helps readers to understand key concepts of health and wellness with commonplace metaphors like chaotic traffic, comparisons to the human body, or a company going bankrupt, using vocabulary of the finance and corporate world.
Thus readers end up running their own diagnostic, naturally arriving at reasonable conclusions about their life phase and which steps to take in order to achieve wellness.
Let us toast to health. But no gluten and no lactose. Please!
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