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Musings of an Ordinary Man

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Musings of an Ordinary Man

Longueur: 70 pages19 minutes


Louis Knobel was born in South Africa in 1946. He has been actively involved in nature conservation and has also worked for many years as Consultant for major organizations in various fields, including IT. He has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and the United States of America as well as countries in Africa. His interests include conservation, photography, fine arts, hand-crafts and writing. He is a vegetarian and ardent animal lover.
This, his debut work has been many years in the making and it covers various stages in the life of one man. Though he sees himself as neither a poet nor a philosopher, this Mensan has a remarkable ability for lateral thinking which brings an uncommon depth to the interpretations he links to everyday events and objects.
As a writer, Louis is able to paint clear word pictures and the spiritual depth and vision he portrays, often leaves the reader filled with new insight into otherwise ordinary events.
This book has the ingredients of a superb travel companion in which the reader can find subjects ranging from observing an ordinary seashell through to experiencing joy, tears, prayer and love.
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