The Culinary Triangle

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The Culinary Triangle

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My Philosophy

For some people, cooking may not seem to be something important or a thing to appreciate, but cooking for me is an art.
In my culinary world, there are always three basic elements that can help you produce an amazing dish. There are many kinds of herbs in the world, such as basil, parsley, oregano, etc. Many home cooks think that the more herbs they put, the more flavors there will be. However, no matter how much herbs you add, if you forget to add salt and pepper, your dish will smell good, but it wont taste well. Balanced seasoning and balanced flavors are the keys to creating a good dish. In this cookbook, I will show you the importance of both salt and pepper and, of course, a suitable amount of herbs. Fresh ingredients are also very important. If you are not using fresh ingredients, no matter how experienced or skilled you are, everything you cook will become bland. Also, your cooking mood can affect your dish. If you cook with your heart, the one who eats your dish can feel it. If you use an angry mood to cook your dish, people who eat it can feel the anger behind the food, and it wouldnt taste good to them.
Just like the fire triangle, there are always three elementsfuel, oxygen, and heatfor setting a fire. In this case, the culinary trianglesalt and pepper, fresh ingredients, and your passionis the basics for cooking a stunning dish.
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