Power in the Spoken Word!

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Power in the Spoken Word!

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Do we, as human beings, truly understand the power of words we are using? Do we stop to think about effect of the words
we use when we engage in a conversation, be it social or in confrontation? Do we analyze how the words we use can
create an image for ourselves? Astonish of good luck, marvelous of joy, incredible success and fabulous of well-being!
Reading this book will completely change your lifestyles and fetch you compliments from all those around you, which will
ring in your ears like a gentle melody.
Power in the spoken word is epitome of generosity with power of positive thinking to give you what is positive thinking.
What might not work for others because of negative thought might work for you and change your life.
Using words could be beautiful for a positive effect and could be wonderful for a negative result, so before you speak, think
properly about what you want to say and what effect it could have on others. If you think you know how to speak, remember
that someone knows how to hear you better than what you think.
You will be in inundated with luck, happiness, richness of mind, success, love, good luck and fantastic health simply
because you are positive. The assertiveness of words that come out from your mouth will be a blessing to yourself, to your
neighbors, colleagues, and your children.
When you say good words and speak blessings into your future, this might actually bring about good. However, if you have
delusion that someone is cursing you, and you believe it even when there is no cause to believe it, you might actually meet
someone and start fi ghting just for no reason. So whatever you believe will surely come to pass when you dont expect it.
This book will suggest to you how you should be positive to yourself:
How to be good, not be a Father Christmas!
To be a good eater, not be a glutton!
To be generous, not be selfi sh!
To be sexually motivated, not be manic!
To be a friend, not an enemy!
To have a woman, not be a womanizer!
To be straightforward, but not be rude!
If you are dreaming of being promoted at your workplace, and when you get to your offi ce and discover there is no news of
promotion, that is to tell you that you need to put more effort at your workplace, change your goodness to betterment, and
betterment to best. At the end, by working towards the promotion, your dream of being promoted will surely come true.
This book is all about positive thinking and describes ways in which you will get to where you are going. It will suggest to
you where you should go and how to get there, work harder, keep on pressing, and not to relent your effort. By this, you will
achieve a goal and reach where you are intending to go in style!
Ezekiel Dayo Adetunji
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