Jacqueline Wearing: Artworks

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Jacqueline Wearing: Artworks

Longueur: 72 pages3 minutes


This comprehensive collection of works celebrates Jacqueline Wearings career from the 1960s until present, charting a fascinating and markedly individual exploration of diverse medium, technique and subject. Working varyingly with oil, watercolour, pastel, photography and assemblage, it is clear that Wearing relishes an element of discovery as she creates: she experiments freely with form in the Taking Shape series; delights in colour as the light bursts through her highly atmospheric Sunrise series; and employs a richly free handling to reveal an enigmatic presence within her stunning Un-named in oil. Although undoubtedly a student of the Modern, Wearing is also deeply inspired by the Romantic works of J M W Turner. This is traceable through the ephemeral atmosphere the artist captures within her enveloping landscapes, as well as in her love of natural form.

This newly published anthology features 63 sumptuous illustrations of Wearings work. The catalogue is chronologically arranged, charting the works evolution over a 50-year period and enabling us to join the artist upon her remarkable journey of discovery.
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