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Ceo Lifelines: Nine Commitments Every Leader Must Make

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Ceo Lifelines: Nine Commitments Every Leader Must Make

Longueur: 296 pages7 heures


Author Salvatore Fazzolari knows firsthand what it takes to be the chairman, president, and CEO of a large multinational corporationas well as why its not a position suited to everyone. In CEO Lifelines, he shares nine principles to help people become more productive, capable, engaged, and effective leaders.
Building on almost forty years of experience at all levels of leadership, Fazzolari outlines nine key leadership practices that underpin strong, decisive leadership and build enduring, high-performance organizations. Through three segments focusing on personal, enterprise, and luck, he discusses three practices needed for sustained leadership; the six practices of a healthy enterprise; and the serendipity of chanceboth good and bad.
A practical guide and workbook that includes related tools for building careers and organizations, CEO Lifelines provides useful advice from Fazzolaris own experiences as CEO of a major corporation. It offers an examination of principles essential for building a successful career and an enduring enterprisea blueprint for excellence.
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