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Longueur: 399 pages6 heures


Tuck was orphaned when cruel Indians killed his mother on their farm in Kentucky. Left to die along the trail he was saved by Old Ed. The tender boy was taken to Matagorda, Texas where he grew up with his human family of Old Ed, Molly, Freck, Jim,Tad and two ex-slaves. Mixed into the family were a bunch of animals with funny names such as Squint Eyed, Crooked Horn, Spot, and several thousand longhorns, and some very unusual Savages. Mix all of these characters with two cattle drives from Texas to San Diego and you have Tuck the damnedest saga of the West you ever read. Let three brothers fall in love with the same dance hall girl; lead them into the Civil War, and when brother fights brother and you have a love story you can't put down.

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