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Sweet Success: Knowledge and Quick-Skills in Thirty Minutes

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Sweet Success: Knowledge and Quick-Skills in Thirty Minutes

Longueur: 333 pages3 heures


You can read this book or read the thirty-four books that I have listed in the bibliography section in this book. When I started job hunting, I couldnt find a book that would teach me step by step everything that I needed to know: how to get and keep a job while I build a successful business on the side and prepare for a smooth transition into my business. This book still does not exist today; so I have decided to use what I have learned and practice, and write a book that would impact the lives of other people who will encounter the same difficulties that I have encountered many years ago. The best part about this book is that you can read a chapter and apply what you have learned in thirty minutes. I have also added a bonus chapter for you, Doing Business Overseas.

I am proud to have developed and used those strategies and techniques in this book to get employment in several industries, start and grow my company, mentor new business owners, and restructure my clients companies. The information in the Hiring Employee and Leadership chapters has helped many applicants obtain their first jobs, get new jobs, and get promotions. A chapter in this book will help job applicants over age fifty get back into the workplace.

Chapters and practical cases in this book will show you step by step how to manage your finances; start or buy a business; buy a franchise; obtain financing; price, market, and sell products; do business overseas; apply technology; outsmart competitors; and operate a profitable business in any economy. Please send me your comments:; website,
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