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Bonsai For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Bonsai Tree

Bonsai For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Bonsai Tree

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Bonsai For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Bonsai Tree

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Sep 17, 2018


Bonsai, the beautiful amazing tree that adds beauty to your home, office and patios. Do you love to houseplants? Do you love to display them in your home? Are you a bonsai enthusiasts? Are you interested in growing any species of indoor bonsai or outdoor bonsai, then I present to you bonsai tree, the amazing tree that promises to never leave your home in the same way that it found it.

Bonsai, a tree grown in pots, native to China whose practice of cultivation has spread to the whole world. They are displayed in walkways, on tables in homes and offices. Some bonsai give you the opportunity of seeing them bloom with different types of flowers throughout the year.

Contrary to many believes, bonsai trees are very easy to care for and maintain. This book was written to provide a detailed care and maintenance guide for all those want to grow their first bonsai tree. If you are an expert, you will find some of the guide here very useful for maintaining your bonsai tree.

In this book, you will find:

How to purchase the best bonsai tree

Indoor and outdoor bonsai care

How to use and when to apply fertilizer to your bonsai tree

Common diseases of bonsai and how to treat them, etc.

This book is a compressive beginner’s guide to growing your first bonsai tree.

If you want to grow your bonsai tree and avoid the beginner’s struggle, then get this book

Sep 17, 2018

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Bonsai For Beginners - Maud Sparrow

Bonsai For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your First Bonsai Tree

All Rights Reserved © 2018 Maud Sparrow

The facts herein provided is truthful in all its entirety and coherent, in that no legal responsibility, in the form of consideration or else by the use or misuse of any strategies, procedures or directions contained within shall lie against the author such liability thereon is the sole and the utter obligation of the reader. Under no situation will any legal duty or blames be imputed or held out unfavorable the publisher(s) for any form of compensation, damages, pecuniary loss due to the information contained herein be it direct or indirect.

The information offered here is for the purposes of knowledge only and is universal as such. The information presented here is without any form of contract or guarantee or indemnity whether with the reader or any third party. Consult your doctor or physician before taking any dosage as directed in this book.


Chapter 1

The history of Bonsai

Types of Bonsai Trees

Chapter 2

How to choose the Right Bonsai Pot

Guidelines for Choosing Bonsai Tree

Environmental considerations

Beginner’s type of Bonsai


Chapter 3

What to do Before You Purchase Your Bonsai Tree

Touch and feeling

Sign of Pruning

Bonsai Species

Check Pot content

The frequency of bloom and Flowering bonsai

Wiring evidence

Type of Bonsai Tree

Soil type

Chapter 4

Basic Care of Bonsai

Soil Requirement for Bonsai

Bonsai watering Questions

Best Time for Watering Bonsai

The Best Type of Water for your Bonsai

How to water your Bonsai

Chapter 5

Indoor Bonsai Care



Watering and fertilizing


Good Air Circulation

Bonsai outdoor care





General Fertilizer Application for Bonsai Trees

Best Time to Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer application for Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai

Chapter 6

Pruning Bonsai and Repotting


Displaying Your Bonsai

Bonsai basic Tools

Chapter 7

Common Diseases and Pest of Bonsai




Mealy bugs



How to Treat Pests and Disease

Chapter 1

The history of Bonsai

During the world War, when different countries in the world stretched their military might, American servicemen were deployed to different parts of the world to stop the Germans who continue to hold smaller nations by its jugular. Japan, on the other

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