Allergy-Safe Family Food

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Allergy-Safe Family Food

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185 easy and delicious allergy-safe recipes Now you CAN manage food allergies Food allergies are rising at an alarming rate among Australian children. One in 20 suffer symptoms ranging from hives and facial swelling to anaphylaxis and even death. Schools are restricting the use of peanut butter and chocolate spread; someone close to you is under threat. Eight foods cause 90% of allergy problems: nuts, eggs, milk, soy, sesame seeds, wheat, fish and shellfish. A busy mum with two children who have food allergies, Suzanna Paxton has to avoid seven of those foods. Determined to cook one meal for the whole family, Suzanna started collecting suitable recipes. ALLERGY-SAFE FAMILY FOOD is the result. Even if your child doesn't have an allergy, this book is a must for preparing food for play dates, parties or sleepovers. Each recipe is coded - see at a glance if it is right for your allergy needs All ingredients are available in regular supermarkets Includes ideas for school lunchboxes and children's party food Shopping guide and tips for managing food allergies are provided Recipes include everyone's favourites like Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Nuggets and Chocolate Fudge Slice plus innovative dishes such as Soda Bread Pizza Bases and Quick Fizzy Scones using lemonade. At last a time-saving, nutritious and delicious cookbook that takes the worry out of cooking for people with food allergies - without breaking the bank.
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