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Legends of Heresy

Legends of Heresy

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Legends of Heresy

195 pages
35 minutes
Oct 6, 2018


Legends of Heresy is an anthology of snipping blaspheme, humor and bitingly original art and poetry in the form of short essays, polemics, auto poetry, paintings, sculpture, cartoons, drawings, caricature drawings, furniture, jewelry, inventions and history of the Chicago Surrealist antics. It is a widely diverse and ingenious display of calamity works by Surrealist artist and inventor, Robert R. Green

Oct 6, 2018

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Legends of Heresy - R. R. Green


As painter, sculptor and inventor, Robert Green has been deeply involved in surrealist action in the United States since 1968, the year that he helped found the very active Chicago Surrealist Group. He is an unusual painter; it is in the domain of wood sculpture, however, that he is most resolutely original. One could say of his convulsive wood-pieces that they are situated-at the meeting-point of art brut and a baroque style from some legendary Middle Ages. A cabinetmaker in his early life, Green probably owes to his trade that sureness of the chisel stroke, that certainty of touch, which enables him to rediscover, in the twists and turns of the hard woods that he prefers, the profound nature of the mythical tree where dryads and forest-spirits are born.

Edouard Jaguer Paris

E. Jaguer was a principle member of the Paris Surrealist Group and editor of the Paris Surrealist publication L’Archibras until his death a decade ago.

Dedicated to my lovely wife, best friend and partner- Debra

and to my brilliant daughter-Danielle Dodson



Chapter 1: Intelligent Design

Chapter 2: Sycophantic love

Chapter 3: Restaurant Tale

Chapter 4: Poems and Ramblings

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous Cartoons

Chapter 6: Paintings

Chapter 7: Sculpture

Chapter 8: Jewelry

Chapter 9: Furniture

Chapter 10: Characters I’ve Met

Chapter 11: Drawings

Chapter 12: History

Chapter 13: Inventions

About the Author

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Chapter 1

Research on the Behavior and the General Characteristics of a Species of Familiar Renown

Without mentioning the name of the species exposed in this research paper, I wish to report on my findings after many years of remote surveillance. The revengeful, jealous, paranoid and violent nature of this species upon which I am about to report is so well-known that one can easily understand the reason why this report should never reveal the researchers’ identity.

I will here-to-fore refer to the animal in this study as IT, They, Them, Their, etc. because I fear for my life. Although it comes in several different colors: white, black, brown, red and yellow in various shades, it is for the most part, bare and featherless. Each color hates the other colors. It has been referred to at different times as: Long Pig, Honky, Rake, Wanker, and various derogatory names that are not necessary to repeat.

The primary feature of this animal is its ability to breed itself beyond predator control. It has taken over nearly every square inch of the earth and it’s still increasing in numbers. There is no known predator that can keep its numbers down except for its own frequent self-inflicted debacles and self-destructive tendencies. There are some diseases that are helpful, but they are not good enough. One of the main problems seems to be that they taste so bad. I haven’t tried it, but that’s what is claimed by those that have. Sharks won’t even eat them. They take one bite and…forget it! They don’t even ask for a take-away box.

Some of the most astonishing behavioral characteristics can only be described as extreme meanness. One example is that it kills other animals as a sport; regarding the killing as fun activity. They often display the kills’ body parts as trophies. They’re hunting themselves out of existence, but they don’t know it. Really! They’re also very fond of cages for any species that comes along- including their own. A large percentage live out their lives in these cages with total indifference from those who don’t. That may surprise you!

It may not surprise you after what I just described, that they

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