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Longueur: 370 pages4 heures


Leftovers presents selections from Hughes' published and unpublished writings, chosen by the author, and with commentaries supplied by Hughes regarding their composition, intent, and relevance (or lack of such). The nonfiction ranges from Hughes' most current work, the science-based Ydentitysm, to pieces which though now outdated (after 40 years of studying religion, Hughes concludes that religious perspectives have outlived their usefulness) nevertheless contain telling points for those interested in human identity, psychology, and meaning. Hughes' fictional excerpts include the humorous, the satirical, the absurd, and the eerie. Almost an entire long story, The Viper with the Human Tongue, is included in the pulp fiction genre. An absurdist play on Tom Thomson that is reminiscent of Beckett's Waiting for Godot is presented in its entirety. And Hughes' poetry ranges from the Fluxus-inspired to Canadian landscape.

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