A Creative Journey through London

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A Creative Journey through London

Longueur: 62 pages5 minutes


This creative art book is devoted to views of the wonderful English city called London. Here you will find a stylized image with a short description, and a black and white copy of it. If you wish, you can take a screenshot of the black and white image and colour it in on a computer, or print it out and colour in the paper copy.

When colouring in, you can use a coloured sample for guidance, or make your own decisions about the colours. 

Later, you can enjoy looking at the photos of the real views of London included in this book on the internet.

The book gives you a chance to be creative, have a virtual tour of London and learn new facts about it.

This art book has no age limits. 

The authors wish you success in your creative undertaking and lots of enjoyment!

This colouring book can be used a means for anti-stress or art therapy.

All images in this book have been created on the basis of photographs sourced from internet.

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