Personology: The Dynamics of Success

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Personology: The Dynamics of Success

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Here is what Personology will do for you:

It will help you play up your own strong points and avoid your weak ones. You will gain a feeling of definiteness in how to deal with the persons most important in your life. It will help you make more money. You will  have immediate answers for most of your daily life situations. You will have many more friends - and enjoy them more. It will help you leanr how to get mor love instead of more criticism from your wife or husband. You will stop feeling blocked and will be more effective because you will act more positively. You will know more definitely what you're good at in work or hobbies. You will understand how to communicate with one child of yours differently than the other. You will be less misunderstood by others. You can  break unwanted habits easier. You can close the generation gap. You will have much of your faith in Human nature restored.
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