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When Blood Flowed as Water: A First Tale of Old Tombstone

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When Blood Flowed as Water: A First Tale of Old Tombstone

Longueur: 380 pages5 heures


Ride into Tombstone, Arizona Territory with Wyatt Earp and his brothers to face off with Frank and Tom McLaury and Billy and Ike Clanton once again. This two-book historical fiction piece is based on B. A. Braxton’s effort to sift through all of the factual and fictional information available on the gunfight at the O. K. Corral. B. A. answers questions such as did Wyatt Earp wear a steel vest? Who fired the first shot at the O. K. Corral shootout? Did the fight start over a woman, political ambitions, or something else? Had some of the combatants at the street fight been unarmed? Who got hit and who didn’t? Who died? The questions are endless and some may never be answered. Perhaps that’s why it took B. A. over five years to complete this work.

Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill Brocius, Virgil Earp, the McLaurys, the Clantons, and a host of others come to life in this epic tale. So hang up your Peacemaker and your slouch hat for a few hours and sit down to a mighty interesting read.

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