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59 pages
27 minutes
Mar 1, 2019


After years as a dancer, Jada is sure she's ready to graduate from ballet to pointe. But moving to the next level is harder than she thought. Is she pushing things too far, too fast in her effort to stay on pointe?
Mar 1, 2019

À propos de l'auteur

Margaret Gurevich is the author of many books for kids and tweens, including Capstone's Academy of Dance series and their award-winning Chloe by Design Series. She has also written for Sport Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids, and Penguin Young Readers. When not writing, she loves spending time with her husband and son. To learn more about her and her books, please visit www.margiewrites.com.

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On Pointe - Margaret Gurevich



Ready for More

I rise on the balls of my feet for the relevé, curve my arms in front so my fingertips touch, and twirl across the smooth hardwood. Each time my toes glide across the studio floors at Ms. Marianne’s Academy of Dance it feels like magic.

Ms. Marianne herself paces the floor and monitors our footing, balance, and form. Her salt-and-pepper hair is pulled back into its usual bun, and her burgundy scarf matches her leotard.

I bend my knees for a plié and smile as the rest of the girls do the same. It’s hard to believe I was once nervous about coming here.

My family and I moved from Philadelphia to New Jersey less than a year ago. I didn’t want to leave the noises of the city, my friends, my old dance team, or my old dance school.

At first I thought I would never fit in. But then I found Ms. Marianne’s. After a rocky start, I met amazing girls on the dance team who became my best friends. Now Ms. Marianne’s feels like a second home.

I rise on my tiptoes again and perform a soutenu turn, keeping my arms curved in front of me.

Beautiful form, Jada! Ms. Marianne calls.

I smile in response, keeping my focus on my dancing. Grace Jenkins, one of my best friends, grins and silently claps her hands. Grace is a tap dancer, but everyone at Ms. Marianne’s is required to take Wednesday’s all-team ballet class.

"Chassé, ladies!" Ms. Marianne says above the music.

I line up beside my two other best friends, Gabby Sanchez and Brie Benson. Even though ballet is supposed to be serious, it’s hard to keep a straight face when the four of us get together. Ms. Marianne gives us a warning look, but I can tell she’s trying to keep from smiling.

As the music speeds up, my feet glide across the floor, faster and faster.

"Piqué turns!" calls Ms. Marianne.

Piqué turns are a beginner move, and I’ve been doing ballet for years, so it’s easy to want to breeze through them. But I’ve learned to be patient and take my time. I keep my arms open wide in second position and move my right foot forward, careful to keep

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