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16 pages
14 minutes
Nov 17, 2018


Ego is about an Air Force Pilot who refuses to accept that her commanding officer is in charge of their fleet. Believing his incompetence, she tries to disconnect contact with his fighter jet. While trying to turn off his COMs, debris causes engine failure on the jet, Her captain is injured, and she is benched and tasked with nursing him back to health. The two grow fond of one another and eventually, a romantic relationship starts to blossom.

Nov 17, 2018

À propos de l'auteur

Sage is an emerging novelist who primarily writes crime, fantasy, and romance stories. Sage lives in southern CA where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Sage works as a freelance writer and she has various articles published through ArticleNut. Sage is a member of International Women's Writer Guild, Romance Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime. Boxed Offer and Other Short Stories is her debut e-book collection of stories.

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EGO - Shelly McKnight

Shelly McKnight

15104 Kitfox Lane

Victorville, CA 92394




By: Shelly McKnight

I lean over a small porcelain sink and apply a layer of red lipstick to my already perfect face. I sift through an assortment of skimpy dresses until I find a short black mini. I slide on my treasured black Jimmy Choo pumps and nab my silver clutch off the counter. I slip into the bustling night crowd towards Club Aura.

The line outside is longer than I hoped, it wraps around the block. I stand there for twenty minutes before it is my time to slip in, but I watch the rope lock again. I groan and stamp my foot impatiently.

Come on, Boogie! Can you just let me in with that group? Please. I wave my hand at the people who go inside. My friend is waiting on me, and I’m standing here freezing my legs off. I flick my eyes at him and give my best smile. He sneers and looks past me. My clutch vibrates, it stops me from cursing him out. I do not want to

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