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Ice Monarch: Echovisions

Ice Monarch: Echovisions

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Ice Monarch: Echovisions

40 pages
22 minutes
Jan 12, 2019


Butterfly wings over the Arctic 

A human transplanted inside a giant monarch butterfly body roams an Earth scarred by climatic changes. He checks out pockets of survivors and reports for his industrial masters, who live in lavish palaces rolling over the Arctic synthetic ice. The monarch is undestructible, as long as he keep to the rarefied altitudes. But can he stay indifferent to the suffering going on under his wings? 

A compelling ecological tale by multiple awards-winning Canadian SF author Michèle Laframboise. 

"A gripping and harrowing tale... rich in vivid, evocative details."
--Maria Haskins

"A well done tale." 

"« Monarque des Glaces », de Michèle Laframboise, 
sans doute le plus beau texte, crépusculaire, triste, et tragique."
--Quoi de neuf sur ma pile 

Jan 12, 2019

À propos de l'auteur

A science-fiction lover since childhood, Michèle Laframboise has published 17 novels and more than 37 short-stories in French and English. She is also a comic enthusiast who drew a dozen of graphic novels and maintains an illustrated blog.Her short-stories have appeared in Solaris, Galaxies, Géante Route, Brins d’Éternité, Tesseracts, Fiction River and Compelling Science Fiction, and other venues. Some of her works were translated in Italian, German and Russian.Michèle uses her scientific background to create stories filled with humor, adventure and wonders. You would like to live in her worlds!

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Aperçu du livre

Ice Monarch - Michele Laframboise

Ice Monarch

Par Michèle Laframboise


Echovisions collection

For Joël Champetier

who took flight too soon

Ice Monarch

WINGS OUTSTRETCHED, I chased my shadow across a floating desert crossed by a few polar bears and the mobile palaces of the Ice Lords. What was left of me barely registered the cold.

The white bears felt as lost here as they were before we took pity on them. Although synthetic ice gave purchase for their paws, lack of preys confined them to the edges of the North Pole. I mulled over the irony: the old Greeks had originally named this ephemeral continent Arctos — land of the bear.

With my enhanced vision, I could make out the thin cracks running along the edges of the joined-up floes, forming a white jigsaw puzzle.

Somewhere on this giant puzzle, was my lifeline, my base. After my long peregrinations, my inner compass pulled me toward it like a magnet.

SYNTHETIC ICE had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Pale areas reflected sunlight back in space; dark areas absorbed the heat. Covering the pole with a white polymer sheet would augment the Earth’s albedo and curb global warming.

The construction of this arctic jigsaw took twelve years. Hundreds of ships — freighters, converted whalers, passenger ferries, even luxury yatches from bankrupt CEO — sailed north, their holds full of liquid polymer.

First, workers sprayed a rectangular segment of sea with polyurethane foam. The foam solidified as it touched water, its trapped air bubbles ensuring buoyancy. Next, additives hardened the upper surface. The result was a nice patch of synthetic ice, serrated edges ready to fuse with another patch. A new segment of sea was marked out and the process began anew.

Alas, political quarrels about cost-sharing erupted among the powers. Funding channels closed down before the new

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