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The Jeannette

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The Jeannette

Longueur: 131 pages1 heure


Married against her will to Pierre Latour, a rich man, but authoritarian and jealous, by the will of an abusive mother, Suzanne cannot forget Jean Ménard, her first love. Brutalized by her husband, she sees her mother gradually invaded by the remorse of having demanded a marriage that is the misfortune of her daughter.

Desperate, Jean, on his side, got married, but "the past doesn't die so fast" and the two young people meet without everyone's knowledge. Will Suzanne be able to resist the temptation to run away with Jean to build their happiness elsewhere? Yet, a child is about to be born! Can she sacrifice him? Abnegation, renunciation, is this the fate of the one who, later, was defeated by misfortune, was nicknamed "the Jeannette" by the people of the country in memory of her unwavering fidelity to the memory of John?
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