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In the Shadow of a heart

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In the Shadow of a heart

Longueur: 184 pages2 heures


In order to get her daughter Sylvane out of their poor situation, Mrs. Sambreron encourages her to enter into a strange marriage with a dying man who wants to deprive an unworthy relative of her inheritance. Without too much delay Sylvane would therefore become free and rich. This was the beginning of the 1940 war. The one about the exodus.

The wedding takes place but fate then likes to blur the cards. A bombardment killed Mrs. Sombreron, seriously wounding her daughter who remained unconscious for months. Healed, Sylvane, despite her research, does not find any trace of her husband....

Deprived of resources, she takes refuge on her old nanny's farm. The two women lived there sparsely until the day a resident, Charles Ramon, settled there, whose activities were mysterious.

Between Sylvane and Charles, an impossible love is gradually born. Isn't she married? He also, moreover, wears a wedding ring.... Will Sylvane's righteousness, which refuses any compromise, lead her to despair and loneliness?
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