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Sparrow in a cage

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Sparrow in a cage

Longueur: 263 pages4 heures


Who is Erika, the wild and violent teenager who by chance led to the castle of Kolos, at the foot of the Caucasus? A barefoot, a rascal, or a poor child once taken from the love of her family by gypsies, as she claims?

His arrival will throw the disruption. Indeed, the master of Kolos, the Earl of Mordaw, had a cruel ordeal: his little girl had disappeared thirteen years earlier without her trace ever being found. Could it be that Erika was the heiress of the Mordaw? A new existence then begins for her. Waiting for proof of her origin, the Count's entourage will try to transform the wild woman who was running the roads into an accomplished young girl. Not without difficulty....

In Erika's life entered a young lord full of pride and contempt: the viscount Sigismund. Will the secret held by old Marouska bring young people closer together?

After so many trials and tribulations, will Erika finally experience the tenderness of a home and the love of the one her heart has chosen?
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