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The man of her life

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The man of her life

Longueur: 217 pages3 heures


United, under strange circumstances, to Yves Le Kermeur, Noële Sabatier discovers with amazement that her marriage was only a deception. No intimacy exists between the young spouses during their honeymoon.

What motives prompted Yves to want, under these conditions, to unite his life with his own? For it is a man unknown to her, barely seen in the darkness of the bridal chamber, who takes her lips and murmurs words of love to her.

What is the identity of the night visitor?

When Noële, meets her, when she asks her husband for explanations, he can only answer:

"You were for him "the temptation".

So, she replied, you offered me your name when your brother, who loved me, would have wanted to marry me and his horrible wounds, after disfiguring him, did not allow him to do so? Now I want to get out of here, because I know.

You can't, Noële,, because you're my wife.

But you've always despised me! ».

There are insults, humiliations that a wife cannot forget. Will Yves be able to hold back Noële, and make up for his disdain?
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