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Hire Your Dream Team: 10 Secrets to Recruiting Star Talent

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Hire Your Dream Team: 10 Secrets to Recruiting Star Talent

Longueur: 315 pages4 heures


Hiring managers play a pivotal role in talent acquisition, yet most executives fail to realize how vital their involvement is in the effort to land top talent.

Talent acquisition is simply no longer the domain of human resources and executive recruiters. The best hiring managers know that recruiting top talent requires their active involvement along with a simple set of best practices. 

International executive recruiter KURT WEYERHAUSER shares insights into the unique courtship that is executive search and what the best hiring managers are doing to land top talent. 

Hire Your Dream Team is a critical 10-step guide to recruiting star talent, written for hiring managers at every rung of the corporate ladder, who care deeply about the "quality" and "fit" of their hires. 

Kirkus Reviews writes of Hire Your Dream Team: 

A strong debut that aims to demystify the talent acquisition process for hiring managers. (It is) a compact, well-constructed, and self-contained playbook for novice and experienced hiring managers.

Weyerhauser, a professional executive recruiter, has more than two decades of executive search experience, mostly at large firms, and he has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to hire top people. In this work, he shares his wisdom in clear, well-organized prose, presenting a logical, thorough approach to talent acquisition. 

In print form 249 Pages

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