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Schnapps and Liqueurs

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Apples - Ginger RootsGooseberriesWild CherriesCoriander SeedsRose FlowersCardamom PodsOrange Peels… 

…are just some of the 88 natural flavouring ingredients in this recipe e-book.

All the recipes are Danish, and many of them are very old, enjoyed from generation to generation.

You will also find new interesting recipes, and recipes that you may never have heard of.

The recipes are arranged in alphabetical order and are very easy to follow.

In each recipe, I've bolded the name of the flavouring ingredients as well as the periods for steeping and storage (ageing). 

That way the recipe is easy to scan, once you get used to the process. 

Because several plants have different common names in different localities, and many different plants have the same common name, which can be very confusing, I've added the botanical (scientific Latin) name next to the title of each recipe.

Then it's easy for you to find the right info about a certain plant in a plant encyclopedia, local field guide or other botany books.

In addition to the recipes, I have included 3 chapters…

Useful info and guidelines

How to adjust taste and flavours

How to make your own liqueurs

Making flavoured schnapps and liqueurs is not an exact science with precise measures and methods.

It's a lot about experimenting and what best suits your taste.

Vivi Labo
Denmark, Scandinavia

My next e-book is in the making, and the title is Flavoured Schnapps and Liqueurs - Multi Flavouring Recipes.

Will be available in summer/autumn 2019.

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