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New Concept Mathematics: An Interactive approach to learning Basic Mathematics

New Concept Mathematics: An Interactive approach to learning Basic Mathematics

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New Concept Mathematics: An Interactive approach to learning Basic Mathematics

94 pages
38 minutes
Feb 13, 2019


At least three of  out of every five grade 12 students have little or no interest in arithmetical aspect of Mathematics. At least 7 out of 10 educated adults would tell you they managed to scale through passing Mathematics back in their high schools and tertiary education. It is no doubt that the principles of basic mathematics could look very obscure and ambiguous, so it is normal you're struggling with it, you're not alone. From my few years of teaching mathematics, I discovered an approach that worked effectively that even the laziest of my students can explain a great deal of topics in basic mathematics. It's all about the approach. So be relaxed.

In the preparation of this material, a thorough research was done to determine topics that should be treated. The topics selected are topics that are useful not only to secondary school students, but they perfectly meet the needs of adults who are seeking to build or reignite their interest in basic mathematics. This book gives a detailed explanation of every steps in each topics with practical examples in an interactive manner. Fewer pages and exercises to prevent boredom unlike others. Some of the important topics treated are :

Percentage and its applications

Rules of mathematical operation ordering

Profit and loss

Discounts and commission

Fractions and their applications.....and some other topics.

It's highly recommendable for those who want to build and reignite their passion for mathematics regardless of their ages. A simple aspect of arithmetic can put you in a big mess if you don't get it right now, studying effectively this material will certainly and assuredly save you from such mess and help build and boost your confidence in basic mathematical concept.

Feb 13, 2019

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Mark Brown is Lecturer in American Literature at Keele University

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New Concept Mathematics - Mark Brown


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All rights reserved. This book or any part thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Copyright ©2019 by Brown Mark


Before the creation of man, the concept of calculation and measurement has been in existence. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone on a daily basis solve one problem or the other using the knowledge of mathematics. Whether being a literate or not, there is an inherent ability in every human to solve some problems using one or more concept of mathematics. Notably, understanding mathematics boils down to the quantum of knowledge acquired through persistence and interest in the subject.

I was not very good in mathematics during my prime period of formal education. I was young, I didn’t understand why mathematics was being taught; it was more of a difficult subject and burden to me because there was no interest and you can’t be persistent in something you don’t show interest in. Along the line, during my grade VI, I realized mathematics is a subject I can’t do away with, this made me develop an interest and hence persistence followed. Everything I had learnt during my prime period in school were now beginning to look more concrete than abstract to me and this made me happy. This was how I developed a passion for mathematics. Consequently, my passion intensified my persistence; it reflected in how I analyze things. I started teaching mathematics during my secondary education, and this act improved me verbally and helped me sustain my passion for mathematics.

My enthusiasm towards ensuring everyone has a fair passion for mathematics is the primary reason for coming up with this book. I did a little research and discovered people shy away from mathematics due to its technicalities and voluminousness. Therefore, I sought to address the problems raised by making a book that makes use of simple language of illustration and fewer technicalities within few pages to prevent boredom. This book has been designed in a way that it has no age applicability; as much as you can read simple sentences and can understand its content, you are good to go. It is applicable to children and adults who looking to ignite their passion for mathematics. SeriesII will be a bit technical; therefore you need to have master the contents of this series before you can proceed to series II. There are fewer questions in the exercises of this series, as this is aimed at building your interest in this subject first.



Welcome to the foundation of Mathematical operations. Are you ready?

MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THIS LESSON: solving book, pen, timer and calculator (optional)

Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

+ Understand operational ordering in mathematical expression using BODMAS/PEDMAS.

+ Solve mathematical operations using the principle of BODMAS/PEDMAS


Okay, let's begin.

BODMAS is an acronym (meaning each letter of BODMAS represent a word) which ranks the order of Mathematical operations in descending order of superiority.


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