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Summary: Sally Thorne's 99 Percent Mine: A Novel (Discussion Prompts)

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Summary: Sally Thorne's 99 Percent Mine: A Novel (Discussion Prompts)

Longueur: 54 pages18 minutes


Critics and readers alike have been raving over the USA Today bestselling book The Hating Game. The author Sally Thorne’s smash hit debut has sold thousands of copies in over 20 countries. Now Sally Thorne is back with another unforgettable romantic comedy. 99 Percent Mine is about a woman who finally had a shot at the man who has been her crush for a long time if only she would dare. Darcy Barrett found her dream man Tom Valeska at a very young age. For Darcy, his only flaw is that he is the best friend of her twin brother. Darcy noticed that 99 percent of the time, Tom does not seem to be interested in her. When Tom arrived to help her and her twin brother Jamie renovate the tumble-down cottage they inherited, Darcy is determined to switch things up. She has decided that she will make Tom Valeska 99 percent hers.

In this comprehensive look into 99 Percent Mine: A Novel by Sally Thorne, you'll gain insight with this essential resource as a guide to aid your discussions. Be prepared to lead with the following:

More than 60 “done-for-you” discussion prompts available

Discussion aid which includes a wealth of information and prompts

Overall brief plot synopsis and author biography as refreshers

Thought-provoking questions made for deeper examinations

Creative exercises to foster alternate “if this was you” discussions

And more!


Please Note: This is a companion guide based on the work 99 Percent Mine: A Novel by Sally Thorne not affiliated to the original work or author in any way and does not contain any text of the original work. Please purchase or read the original work first.

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