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Trees, Bees and Weeds

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Trees, Bees and Weeds

Longueur: 68 pages22 minutes


Spring is here with bright green trees,
winter has gone and left with a breeze,
summer is coming with heat, flies and fleas,
fall will bring color and maybe a freeze.

Spring is here with lots of grass to mow,
winter has gone and so has all the snow,
summer is coming and everything will grow,
fall will bring cool winds that blow.

Spring is here with all the bees,
winter has gone and left all those seeds,
summer is coming with flowers and more weeds,
fall will bring frost and multi colored leaves.

Spring is here and it’s time to plant,
winter has gone and no more long pants,
summer is coming with lots of fire ants,
fall will bring the harvest and plans to replant.

Spring is here with trees green as peas,
winter has gone and it’s warmed up a few degrees,
summer is coming, it will be hot if we don’t get a breeze,
fall will bring relief and cause some to sneeze.

Spring is here with bees to make our cabin like Swiss cheese,
winter has gone and there is plenty to do or just remain at ease,
summer is coming with ticks and maybe Lyme disease,
fall will bring down, like snow, all those golden leaves.

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