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The Mystery of the White Revelation: Short Stories

The Mystery of the White Revelation: Short Stories

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The Mystery of the White Revelation: Short Stories

28 pages
20 minutes
Dec 10, 2016


If only Mrs. Battencourt's diamond necklace hadn't disappeared, then she'd still be willing to make a donation to MGC Middle School. Teacher Sheila Baker only knows one person nosey enough to track down the lost gems, and crime reporter Evan Miller is happy for the chance to get back into Sheila's good graces. As a bonus, read the first chapter of "The Body Guy", an Evan Miller novel. 

Dec 10, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Jacqueline Vick spent her childhood plotting ways to murder her Barbie doll. Mystery writing proved a more productive outlet. She is the author of over fifteen novels and short stories including the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic mysteries and the Harlow Brothers mysteries.

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The Mystery of the White Revelation - Jacqueline Vick

Table of Contents

The Mystery of the White Revelation (Short Stories)

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The Mystery of the White Revelation

An Evan Miller Short Story


By Jacqueline Vick

Copyright © 2011, Jacqueline Vick

All Rights Reserved

ISBN-13: 978-1-945403-05-7

I’d like to introduce you to my character, Evan Miller. He’s a former crime reporter from Los Angeles, forced to move back to his childhood home in Settler’s Ridge after irritating  some powerful and dangerous men.

Life in this small, rural town offers its own rewards, including Evan’s elusive childhood crush, Sheila Baker. In The Mystery of the White Revelation, Evan has a chance to impress the middle-school teacher when a benefactor goes back on her promised donation after the theft of her diamond necklace.

The clientele of the High Street Hotel leaned toward the privileged and upper crust, but anyone with a desire to experience affluence—soothing voices and white-gloved servers—could visit their popular tearoom.

Sheila Baker, oblivious to the surrounding ambiance, watched as Mrs. Wilfred Battencourt glared at her watch for the third time and then stared pointedly at an empty chair.

Why don't I see if Isabel left a message with the front desk? Sheila offered, referring to the missing guest.

She excused herself, crossed to the front of the octagon-shaped room, and asked the hostess behind the podium if there were any messages, but Isabel Green hadn't phoned in her regrets. Or was it Isabel Hastings now that her divorce was final?

Mrs. Battencourt had promised a donation to the middle school where Sheila taught English, and the High Street Tea House was that lady's equivalent of a proper boardroom in which

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