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Coaching Senior Hires: Transitioning Potential into Performance QUICKLY!

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Coaching Senior Hires: Transitioning Potential into Performance QUICKLY!

Longueur: 129 pages1 heure


External Senior Hires are expensive! Also, research has shown that 36% experience OUTRIGHT FAILURE whilst 60% have DELAYED PERFORMANCE issues. Why? The reasons include poor selection decisions and/or risible onboarding programmes which fail to get Senior Hires ignited fast enough. This book the first of its kind in this area advances practical solutions and a defined methodology. TARGETED TRANSITIONAL COACHING (TTC) focuses upon resolving the BIG 6 TASKS faced by Senior Hires and helps organisations to transition Senior Hire potential into performance QUICKLY! Written by Professor Chris Edger (an author of over ten leadership and coaching books) and Martin Tucker (co-owner of Faerfield and previously CEO of one the UK's largest recruitment and talent advisory businesses) this book will help coaches, leaders and organisations to accelerate Senior Hire performance significantly, thereby minimising the tangible and intangible costs of outright failure or delayed performance.
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