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Neoclassicism - What is that?

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Neoclassicism - What is that?

Longueur: 684 pages7 heures


aus dem Klappentext:

This volume contains the papers of an international conference on Neoclassicism in the various arts. Problems of aestheical Tical theory and music, literature, painting, architecture and dance are treated in papers by Christian Berger, Alessandro Bertinetto, Nicoletta Bruno, Paola Crespi, Riccardo Dottori, Claudia Gandini, Carlo Grante, Winfried Gruhn, Hans-Christian Günther, Thilo Hilpert, David Khunchukashvili, Gabriele Kiesewetter, Seung-Ho Kim, Rosa Marafioti, Dorothea Redepenning, Anton Reininger, Günter Schnitzler, Christopher Walton and Felix Wörner.

Hans-Christian Günther is Professor of Classics at the University of Freiburg. He has published extensively on Augustan Poetry (i.a. Brill's Companion to Propertius and Brill's Companion to Horace), ancient and modern Greek poetry and philosophy. He is also the author of numerous verse translations from Latin, Italian, Modern Greek, Georgian, Japanese and Chinese.
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