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Benedict and Brazos 2: A Badge for Brazos

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Benedict and Brazos 2: A Badge for Brazos

Longueur: 148 pages2 heures


Trouble was brewing in the town of Harmony, between the gun-toughs who manned the Two-Bar ranch, the hardcases who hung around the Rawhide Saloon and the beleaguered miners out at Whipple Creek. Into this explosive situation rode Hank Brazos and Duke Benedict. With a thin bankroll, they were looking to earn some fast money to continue their hunt for a Civil War guerilla who'd killed their comrades and stolen a fortune in Confederate gold ... a fortune they themselves planned to get their hands on. So Brazos pinned on the sheriff's badge in return for a hundred dollars a month, and soon found himself taking his responsibilities more seriously than he'd thought possible! Across a poker table, meanwhile, Benedict ran into an old acquaintance named Doc Christian. They were rivals, these two gambler-gunmen. And frankly, Benedict had no idea where Doc fitting into the various warring factions. When the chips were down, however, Benedict and Brazos found themselves in the thick of a fiery showdown, with just about every gun-filled hand turned against them!

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