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It’s Not the Stranger You Have to Worry About

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It’s Not the Stranger You Have to Worry About

Longueur: 47 pages51 minutes


As the #MeToo movement began to sweep through the country, Marie Menliare was forced to confront her own past—and the dark secrets that came with it. In a candid retelling, Menliare leads others through her personal history while sharing the traumatic events of her life as she became a victim of sexual assault as a child, not just once but many times over by family members and friends of her family. As she details each experience and how it affected her emotionally and physically, Menliare reveals how she learned to think ahead and plan every move she made, just to avoid being alone and leaving herself vulnerable to another attack. Throughout her personal narrative, Menliare shines a light on how it is possible to overcome the horrifying effects of sexual abuse and ultimately heal. It’s Not the Stranger You Have to Worry About details one woman’s journey through sexual abuse as she taps into her inner-strength to survive, heal, and share the greatest lesson she learned.
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