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Stormy Daniels, #MarchforOurLives, the Omnibus, Facebook, and Cambridge Analytica: We discuss the recent revelations about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and the 2016 election.

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Should we all just delete Facebook? We talk about the political ramifications of social media along with a host of current events. Thanks to our sponsors: Acer,, and Third Love. Stormy Daniels: The 60 Minutes Interview Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump, and Harvey Weinstein What We Learned From Stormy Daniels #MarchforOurLives: The Story Behind Naomi Wadler's Speech How the Parkland Students Planned the March in 5 Weeks The Omnibus Budget: What's Included in the Omnibus Trump Signs the Bill What's in the Bill Nobody's Read Women's History Month Moment: Barbara Jordan Obituary Facebook & Cambridge Analytica:  Election Consultants, Bribes, and Sex Workers The Only Privacy Policy That Matters Silicon Valley Has Failed to Protect Our Data It's Time to Regulate the Internet Our Lives Inside the Surveillance Machine A Hurricane Flattens Facebook On the Media - Big, If True For access to bonus content, visit the Pantsuit Politics Patreon page. We are so grateful to listeners like you who make this community possible starting at $1/month. 

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