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812 - Opera Or Musical Theatre - Jan. 23, 2018: There are many blurred lines between Opera and Mu…

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There are many blurred lines between Opera and Musical Theatre, and in this episode we have artists working on shows that demonstrate this. Rodney Ingram is making his Broadway Debut in a feature role as Raul in Phantom of the Opera after understudying Aladdin last year. He discusses his exciting move, and how her got there. Christian DeGre is a composer whose work is often sung through and unabashedly Opera. With a successful run of his show, "Whiskey Pants" in the bag, he talks about promoting Opera to Musical Theatre fans. Seth Sklar-Hein is no stranger to Opera, as he heads up Cameron McIntosh North America, the company arguable responsible for rebranding Opera for the modern age. With a redesigned tour or Phantom of the Opera on the road, he discussed the new production and the show's remarkable legacy. Finally, Lisa Moira, recently wrapped up directing the four-character chamber Opera, Lady of the castle. She talks about the unique challenges of directing an opera and finding and working in alternative venues to advance the art form. This show isn't Puccini, so buckle up!

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