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Rvnav_ep26_4-08 - Winter wrap-up: After spending $600 on fuel to make the trip home, we share the events along the way. From Perry to home with the latest RV news, website and tech topics, the RV Navigator is about what's new in RVing.

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Life after "The Rally" in Perry, GA. We basically headed for home and cold weather. Yes, the motorhome had to be winterized for the second time this season. Temps in Chicago are not reliably above freezing until mid-May. In the podcast, we share the latest news, rv web sites and our impressions of the Rally's display of rigs. I share some thoughts about the transition to digital TV as it relates to RVers and some WiFi hints to keep the signal coming. We use Wifi to distribute the satellite/cell internet connection to our 3 computers in the rig. Some things can upset the signal or shorten the range.

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