An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill

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An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill

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William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody (1846-1917) was a famous American 'Indian fighter,' buffalo hunter and entertainer, known best for his 'Wild West' circus-like shows. As a young man Cody served in in the Union army during the Civil War. His 'Wild West' show toured the world between 1883-1906 and was a very popular form of entertainment. The show featured celebrities like Annie Oakley and Sioux chief Sitting Bull. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody died in 1917.
This is his story in his own words. 'Buffalo Bill' was arguably, the most recognized man in the world when he penned this book. The first stories are of some of his adventures and the remaining ones are autobiographical. All of them have been proved to be historically accurate in all important aspects.
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