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The Secret of the Carousel Horse: A Casey Lane & Jackie Lee GSD Mystery, #2

The Secret of the Carousel Horse: A Casey Lane & Jackie Lee GSD Mystery, #2

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The Secret of the Carousel Horse: A Casey Lane & Jackie Lee GSD Mystery, #2

143 pages
1 heure
Jul 22, 2019


What is the secret of the carousel horse?

It's important enough for someone to justify the kidnapping of Casey in exchange for the mysterious horse. A thief, Casey, Peter, and the others find themselves lost in another world, trying to track down the treasure that will save their lives. Will they find the treasure? What is this treasure that is worth a life? Can they ever get back to Cornwall? Will Jackie Lee find Casey before it's too late? Narrated by Jackie Lee the GSD

Jul 22, 2019

À propos de l'auteur

Michele M Adams was born in Austin, Texas into a military family. As a child she lived in Europe and in many different places moving when her dad was transferred. Her stories take place in many of those places, such as Luxembourg, Germany and France. Michele won an award for an article she wrote in a contest in the 8th grade in Rome, N.Y. She majored in English LIturature at Southern Oregon University. Michele has 6 books and 1 novella published. She is currently writing another Jackie Lee Mystery, a new dragon book with Sophia in it and will be writing war dog stories in the future. Her books are enticing and appropriate for young and old alike.

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The Secret of the Carousel Horse - JMM Adams

The Secret of the Carousel Horse


WOOF! WOOF!!! Jackie Lee run! Casey was urging me to follow her, I was trying to get a look at the guy chasing us.

Good grief, couldn’t we just ever have fun and not be chased? It didn’t look that way. The next thing I felt was an arrow bounce off my armor. I barked at Casey.

She looked down at me, Are you ok, boy? Before I could muster a bark, Casey was hit in the back with an arrow and fell. I turned around and tried to fight off the interlopers. They sprayed me with pepper spray and I passed out, but not before I saw them carry Casey off. When I came too, Peter was picking me up.

What happened boy? Where’s Casey? I opened my eyes slowly and tried to get up. I couldn’t look at Peter everything was bleary. I was a bit wobbly too, but I joined T.J. in sniffing Casey’s trail. Peter walked behind us.....we ended up by a cave in the mountains of the Pyrenees, we were staying in the Mid-Pyrenees. The name of the cave was Pech Merle, it was said you could travel to the center of the earth through this cave. We weren’t near the part where it cost 175 dollars to enter, we were outside the free part. In the other part, there were prehistoric paintings on the walls. There was also a part with a door, that no one could enter.  I hoped Casey wasn’t in the center of the earth! We were here to talk to a dealer of carnival horses, I had a bad feeling this was related to our last mystery, not the horses in our basement; I certainly hoped I was wrong.

Peter said he was going to investigate the cave, then looked at us, Boys, stay here, I’m going in. I’ll call if I need you, guard the opening. Then Peter bent over, because the opening wasn’t very tall, and disappeared.

T.J. Looked at me, what happened?

I don’t know! Someone was chasing us; an arrow was shot at me and it bounced off. Then Casey was shot in the back with another arrow and they pepper sprayed me. That’s all I know. My heart was sick, I had lost my beloved Casey..........

Peter came out a short time later from the cave. Well boys, this cave goes on forever. There are many paths and true to its description, it goes a long way into the earth, but I didn’t see anyone at all. I did find this. Peter held up Casey’s scarf. She was taken into one of the tunnels, we have got to get her back, our appointment is tomorrow morning with Monsieur Delacroix about our carnival horses. I wonder if this has anything to do with him and the horses? I need to make a call home and let Baron and Scott know what just happened. I need to call the local police too. Come on boys, we need to drive into the village first and make a report."

We followed Peter back to our cabin and waited by the truck while he went in and got the keys. When he came out he let us into the truck and Peter drove us into the town of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, it was supposed to be one of the most romantic, beautiful villages in all of France. Casey was so excited to come here, so was I. Sigh....

It was a long drive into the village, but we finally arrived. Peter was trying to keep calm, I knew he was very upset. Peter followed the signs to the police station and then pulled up in front of it.

You kids stay in the car, I’ll be right back. Peter got out before I could object. Casey always took T.J. and me everywhere, even if it wasn’t allowed. Peter just wasn’t thinking right now. I looked at T.J. with tears in my eyes.

Jackie Lee, it isn’t your fault! We will find her. Let’s wait to see what Peter finds out. Look here he comes!

I looked out the window, Peter looked grim as he got into the car. He turned to talk to us.

I made a report, there is not much they can do, they will search the cave and keep a look out for Casey. They told me to stay in touch with them. Let me stop at a shop and get some food for tonight. It’s going to be a long cold night without Casey, boys. Peter turned back to the front of the car and started it. Peter was right, it was going to be a cold, lonely night tonight and maybe many nights to come. I sighed again and put my muzzle on the window sill, looking out and seeing nothing. My heart was broken.

Peter drove to the local market and came out with some cooked chicken and veggies for us, a pizza for himself and a bottle of wine to finish off with. It had started to rain as we drove back to our cabin. I followed Peter and T.J. inside. Peter checked his phone and plugged it in, then he fed us.

I’m going to call Baron now boys, we need his help. Peter dialed home.

Yes, hi Baron. No, we aren’t having a good time. Casey has been kidnapped. Peter was talking fast, No, it’s not a joke.

It happened today, she was out with Jackie Lee, he was knocked out and Casey was shot with an arrow.

I hope she is ok, we can’t find her. They ran into a local cave, I looked but could see no sign of her. Yes, I’m going to meet our contact tomorrow. Ok, I’ll call you after my meeting. Yes, that would be great actually; thank you, Baron.

Peter hung up. Baron said that he would fly over and help us if we can’t find any sign of her tomorrow, boys. Let’s try to make the best out of our evening. Peter went over and started the fireplace, put some music on and made himself comfortable on the couch. T.J. and I snuggled up on the couch with him. I fell asleep, but Peter woke me up.

Jackie Lee, you were crying, boy. It’s ok, let me take you and T.J. out, then let’s go to bed.

I shook my head, I had been going over what had happened earlier today. I got up and followed Peter outside. It was pouring, the rain would wash any trace of Casey away. How were we going to find her? How? I was so cold inside when back in the room I slept on Casey’s pillow. It smelled like her, this was our second night here, it made me miss her more.

The next morning Peter took us out and then fed us. He loaded us up into the rental truck, you see the carousel horse was in the back that Monsieur Luis Delacroix was interested in. We didn’t have to drive very far, but the road was winding with sharp curves. As Peter drove I looked out, we were going higher up and the river and village were getting smaller below. I looked out the front window, we finally approached a gate. There was a stone wall surrounding the property, the house towered above us. Peter rolled down his window and hit the intercom. The gate opened, and we were allowed to enter, we still had a long drive up to the house. As we approached the end of the road, there was a flat driveway with a lot of room for our vehicle. Peter parked near a Rolls Royce, the front door opened, and Monsieur Delacroix stepped outside and walked towards us. Peter told T.J. and me to stay and he opened the door and stepped out.

Welcome my friend, Luis Delacroix shook Peter’s hand.

Thank you, Monsieur Delacroix, I’m Peter.

Please, call me Luis, I am not a very formal person. Where is your wife, Casey? I see you brought the famous detective dogs, please let them out. I love German Shepherds.

Luis, the worst thing happened yesterday, Peter told him what happened on my watch.

This is very bad, we must go in and talk. Is the horse in the back? Luis asked.

Yes, let me get it. Peter let us out and walked around the back to take out the horse.

My, that is a beautiful carousel horse! I believe this might be the one I have been searching for. I believe I am not the only one either. Let’s go in and see what we can find out and make a plan to get Casey back.

We followed Luis into his mansion, wow! I looked around it was beautiful inside too. We stepped onto marble floors, the walls were marble and there was a staircase with wooden steps going upstairs. I looked up, there was a chandelier hanging in the middle of a Muriel. The Muriel was of Jesus and the disciples, there were angels painted on the very top flying around. One was playing the violin to Mary and Jesus as a baby.

This is a very impressive place. Peter complimented Luis.

"Thank you, it was my grandparents’ home and I inherited it when my parents passed on. I live here alone now, my wife died, and we had no children. I don’t fancy the dating world, women just want to take me for what I have unless I find one that likes me

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