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Longueur: 107 pages1 heure


Carol Christofferson is a versatile artist and writer who carves wordsmolds letters and paints emotions with such flair and mastery.

Carol's short stories and poems are inspired by his watercolor paintings, reflections of the world around usillustrations of his own life experiences and expressions of women’s and men’s emotions.

His poems and short stories are insightful and inspiring, and they enable the reader to feel strong emotions. He invites us to walk with him on unknown avenues, using a voice that ranges from melodic and sweet at times to melancholic and whimsical.

When asked what the intention of this book was, Carol answered, “The stories in this book are meant to bring to life the feelings that may have been buried for a long time, or forgotten altogether, a world seen through the eyes of a child again, memories of a mother’s touch, in short, the pleasures and pain of life.

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