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Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

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Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

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65 pages
49 minutes
Sep 23, 2019


I used to struggle with knife making, but once I learned these secrets...

Are you a bladesmith looking to get the most out of his next project?

Are you looking for that one tip that could change the quality of your knives drastically?

Are you stuck with a problem in your newest build, and are looking for a way to fix it?

Are you looking to upgrade your bladesmithing skills within minimum time?

Tips are a great way to enhance your bladesmithing knowledge and avoid mistakes.

The best part is that they only have a small time investment of just a few seconds.

That is why I have compiled 101 bladesmithing tips that any bladesmith can benefit from, regardless of his skill level.

And as a starter, I'll even reveal 2 tips for you:

1. If you want to have a sharp knife, while maintaining a thick spine, do a hollow grind for your knife

2. Here's a slow but certain way to get good grind lines on your knife: Scribe a top line for the bevels on each side, and a center line. Start grinding with stone wheels, then switch to files.

This is just a starter, there are 99 more tips that you will find inside this book.

Inside this book you will discover:

• The #1 steel you should use to make your first knife

• The real reason why a $3000 knife commands it's price

• The 'golden rule' of bladesmithing and how it will help you make better knives

• 2 tools that can replace 50% of the tools in your shop for shaping and grinding

• One common household item you can use to darken the etch on your Damascus steel

• 1 heat treating mistake that could potentially double the time taken for heat treatment

• One mistake that could ruin your grind lines while using a belt sander

• The right grind to use on your knife when you want it to be a jack-of-all-trades

• The #1 grinding tool you should use, if your struggling with getting good bevel lines on your knife

• How to get good grind lines on your knife, with this 'slow and certain' method

• How to clean your sharpening stone

• An essential but overlooked part of knife design, that instantly marks you as either a master or a novice

• How this common household oil can become an instant quench tank

• How to quickly reduce the size of a large leaf spring, without using a power hammer

• The most cost-effective method to make a knife

…And many more valuable tips that could potentially upgrade your bladesmithing skills, or save your latest build.

But will these tips be useful for all skill levels, even for the beginner?

Yes, while there are some tips that will help you further along your bladesmithing journey, beginners can take advantage of most of the tips inside this book.

Everyday that you delay is another day that goes by without you discovering that 1 tip that could improve the quality of your knives.

Take action now and buy this book!

Sep 23, 2019

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Bladesmithing - Wes Sander

101 Bladesmithing Secrets

What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

Wes Sander

© Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved.

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By reading this document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of the use of information contained within this document, including, but not limited to, errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

Table of Contents

Free Bonuses for the Readers

Basic guidelines




Heat treatment


Foldable knives


Pro tips

Free Bonuses for the Readers

To get the most out of this book, I have 3 resources for you that will REALLY kickstart your knife making process and improve the quality of your knives.

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1. Bladesmith’s Guide to Selling Knives

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Do you constantly get low-balled on the price of your knives?

’Bladesmith’s Guide to Selling Knives’ contains simple but fundamental secrets to selling your knives for profit.

Both audio and PDF versions are included.

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•  How to make more money when selling knives and swords to customers (Higher prices)

•  The hidden-in-plain-sight location that is perfect for selling knives (Gun shows)

•  Your biggest ‘asset’ that you can leverage to charge higher prices for your knives, and make an extra $50 or more off of selling the same knife.

•  4 critical mistakes you could be making, that are holding you back from selling your knife for what it’s truly worth

•  The ideal number of knives you should bring to a knife show

•  5 online platforms where you can sell your knives

•  9 key details you need to mention when selling your knives online, that will increase the customers you get

2. Hunting Knife Template for Stock Removal

TIRED OF DRAWING PLANS when making a knife?

Not good at CAD or any sort of design software?

Make planning and drawing layouts a 5-second affair, by downloading this classic bowie knife design that you can print and grind on your preferred size of stock steel.

Here’s what you

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