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Starch & Vegetable Fats & Oils World Summary: Market Values & Financials by Country

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Starch & Vegetable Fats & Oils World Summary: Market Values & Financials by Country

Longueur: 1,153 pages4 heures


The Starch & Vegetable Fats & Oils World Summary Paperback Edition provides 7 years of Historic & Current data on the market in about 100 countries. The Aggregated market comprises of the193 Products / Services listed. The Products / Services covered (Starch & vegetable fats & oils manufactures) are classified by the 5-Digit NAICS Product Codes and each Product and Services is then further defined by each 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic & Current Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided for about 100 countries.

Total Market Values are given for193 Products/Services covered, including:


1. Starch & vegetable fats & oils manufactures

2. Wet corn milling

3. Corn sweeteners

4. Glucose (corn) syrup sweeteners & solids

5. Glucose (corn) syrup sweeteners, type I (20 up to 38 dextrose equivalent)

6. Glucose (corn) syrup sweeteners, type II (38 up to 58 dextrose equivalent)

7. Glucose (corn) syrup sweeteners, type III & IV (58 & over dextrose equivalent)

8. Glucose (corn) syrup solids (dried glucose syrup) & maltodextrins less than 20 dextrose equivalent

9. Corn sweeteners

10. Dextrose monohydrate & dextrose anhydrous sweeteners

11. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) sweeteners, (20 up to 50 percent fructose)

12. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) sweeteners, 50 percent or more fructose, incl crystalline fructose (adjusted to a liquid equivalent, 77 percent solids basis)

13. Corn sweeteners, nsk, total

14. Corn sweeteners, nsk

15. Manufactured starch

16. Modified corn (incl sorghum) starch & dextrin

17. Not modified corn (incl sorghum) starch & dextrin

18. Other starch & dextrin, modified & not modified (potato, rice, wheat, etc.)

19. Manufactured starch, nsk, total

20. Manufactured starch, nsk

21. Corn oil

22. Crude corn oil

23. Once-refined corn oil, after alkali or caustic wash, but before deodorizing or use in end products

24. Fully-refined corn oil, incl margarine oil

25. Once-refined corn oil, purchased & deodorized only

26. Corn oil, nsk, total

27. Corn oil, nsk

28. Corn oil

29. Crude corn oil

30. Once-refined corn oil, oilseeds crushed in same establishment

31. Fully-refined corn oil, seeds crushed in same establishment

32. Corn oil, nsk

33. Wet process corn byproducts

34. Wet process corn gluten feed

35. Wet process corn byproducts

36. Wet process corn gluten meal

37. Wet process gluten (except corn), incl wheat, rice, potato, etc.

38. Other wet process corn byproducts, incl steepwater concentrate (50 percent solids basis)

39. Wet process corn byproducts, nsk, total

40. Wet process corn byproducts, nsk

41. Wet corn milling, nsk, total

42. Wet corn milling, nsk, nonadministrative-record

43. Wet corn milling, nsk, administrative-record

44. Soybean Products

45. Soybean oil

46. Crude soybean oil, degummed

47. Soybean oil, all other types

48. Crude soybean oil, not degummed

49. Soybean oil, once-refined (after alkali or caustic wash but before deodorizing or use in end products)

50. Soybean oil processed for inedible purposes (acid refined, etc.)

51. Soybean oil, nsk

52. Soybean cake, meal & other byproducts

53. Soybean cake & meal

54. Other soybean products, incl isolates & concentrates

55. Soy flour & grits

56. Soybean lecithin

57. Soybean millfeed (hullmeal)

58. Other soybean products, incl isolates & concentrates

59. Soybean cake, meal & other byproducts, nsk

60. Soybean processing, nsk, total

61. Soybean processing, nsk, nonadministrative-record

62. Soybean processing, nsk, administrative-record

63. Other oilseed processing

64. Cottonseed oil, crude

65. Cottonseed oil, once-refined (after alkali or caustic wash but before deodorizing or use in end pr
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