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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

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The Power of Words

90 pages
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Oct 16, 2019


A 21-day devotional journey to understanding the power of words...

Whether you are a corporate executive, a mom, a student or anything in-between, you use words from the moment you open your eyes to the time you go to sleep at night. We are consumed by words through social media or daily in our face-to-face human interactions.

Author Silindile Mkhize captivates readers through this book The Power of Words by sharing her own positive and negative personal experiences and the impact words have made and continue to make in her journey with Christ. In this book you will get an in-depth understanding of how every element in our lives is affected by our words and if we change our words to line up with God’s Word, all other aspects of our lives begin to improve. This book is more than just a daily pause for prayer, meditation and encouragement; it is a day-by-day journey of simple, heart-felt and eye-opening moments and Life lessons that lead you from an impoverished and unhealthy tongue to lips that utter words laced with wisdom, growth, peace, love, joy and comfort – even in the midst of words used as swords.

“I have taken away a significant amount of internal questioning as well as ways in which to walk away from certain circumstances and allow myself to let go in the sake of my own sanity and personal growth.”

Editor’s note

Silindile Mkhize is a mother, a Retail Business Management graduate and a fashion designer. She is the Founder and CEO of Uber Affix (PTY) LTD, a 100% black owned media company that is primarily focused on empowering women through various platforms. Under the umbrella of Uber Affix is: Uber Affix Business, Uber Affix Tv and Uber Affix Careers. Through her media company she has astoundingly created the first ever digital job classified specifically for women, with a mission to impact and change the lives of over 10 million women across Africa through Uber Affix (PTY) Ltd. Silindile is affectionately known as “Theesleigh”. She has spoken at a number of women empowerment events sharing the stage with respected women in business, and church leaders. Many have described her as a woman who is an advocate for positivity, women empowerment and God. Amongst many of her accolades, she is gracefully becoming one of South Africa’s bestselling authors.

Oct 16, 2019

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The Power of Words - Silindile Mkhize



This book would not have been possible without the divine plan of God. He orchestrated the introduction of magnificent people in my life. First of all, to you my reader, thank you for walking this entire journey with me. As I wrote this book it healed so many of my wounds; I hope it touched and healed you too. I am so pleased I was obedient to God’s voice. Thank you for the love, appreciation and the kindest of words you leave on my social media pages. You are my friends; thank you for being part of this experience with me. To my parents Mduduzi Joesph Mkhize and Lulu Irene Mkhize who have shielded and protected me and who continue to guide me through adulthood, thank you for the fingerprints of your love on my heart. To the brightest star in the universe, my son Sandile Jnr, you are a galaxy yet to be fully revealed. Your father and I are so proud of you, the earth is eagerly awaiting for you to manifest every good and perfect gift God has placed inside of you. To Mam’ Dudu and Bab Khoza, thank you for the authentic words of encouragement and helping me chase my dreams as if they are your own. To my friends who have turned into family, thank you for the authentic friendship and sisterhood especially to you Thembeka Zondi Ngiyabonga Qhawekazi. My name may be on the cover of the book, but there’s an incredible team of people who’ve worked diligently to make sure that the thoughts in my head actually come to fruition. Thank you to Sally and the entire team at Reach publishers for becoming my covering when stress became overwhelming. You were the sounding board I needed and the iron that sharpened my thoughts. Thank you to Londy Maziwde (Event designer) for making my book launch a dream… Thank you to all other service providers who made sure every element of my journey as an author was a success. To Jesus, you saved me once, but you rescue me all the time; I’m so grateful you are not far and wide. Thank you for being as close to me as my next breath. Continue to shape my words and may I grow deeper in knowing who you are. Here I am Lord; continue to use me for your kingdom. To the love of my life, thank you for all that you’ve done to create an environment where my purpose is being manifested.

May this book serve as a reminder that even the most broken girls can recover and become powerful women. I’m praying you discover your strength and never ever let it go.


When the Devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness, he said: If you are the son of God command these stones to be made into bread.

The answer Jesus gave is the cornerstone of this daily devotional. He said: Man cannot be upheld, sustained or nourished by bread ALONE, but by every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.

With revelation I’ve realised the bread we need as 21st century women is financial freedom, job opportunities, equality and scaling up businesses. Over and above the tangible things, the bread for which our souls yearn, women require mental, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual health. Notice Jesus did not say we don’t NEED bread. God understands we need all these things (Matthew 6:25-34). In His heart, God’s primary need is not just for us to know his WORD, but to also understand the power of our own words. This is

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