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Longueur: 401 pages5 heures


Taking his beloved yacht out to sea had been a lifelong dream for Jim and right now he needed to escape the Rat Race so he told his boss he was taking leave. He gathered his supplies and signed Windward Bound out of dry dock. A gentle sail up the west coast to Washington was perfect for her maiden voyage.
Jim had no idea of what lay on the other side of the east bound storm that blocked his pathway north. With no time to make port he would have to sail out to sea to get around it. He alerted the coastguard and altered his course. Little did he know his course would take him beyond anywhere on the current map and would cause a big stir back at home.
All he hoped for was to feel the wind in his sails and the breeze on his face and a nice catch up with his daughter when he reached Washington. His journey gave him much more than that and he is forever grateful.
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