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With SEX, No Drugs and Rock'n Roll Through Menopause

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With SEX, No Drugs and Rock'n Roll Through Menopause

Longueur: 283 pages3 heures


Fear, dread, and uncertainty often surround menopause. Many women feel as if their best years are behind them - but this is not true!

With SEX, No Drugs and Rock N' Roll Through Menopause and Beyond is the book that will change your perception of this transformative turning point into something positive! What's more is that this book will guide you through menopause naturally and offers a range of advice for physical, mental, spiritual, and even sexual health.

This book isn't only ideal for women going through menopause, but also those who are near- and post-menopausal. In addition, this book makes a great gift for the men in your life, with chapters tailored just for them and how they can help and support you!

Exchange fear for confidence, dread for hopefulness, and uncertainty for excitement as you begin this new, beautiful chapter of your life!

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