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With the Tide

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With the Tide

Longueur: 302 pages4 heures


Two friends Jake Mc Alistair and Warren Turner grow up together sailing on Port Phillip Bay in Australia.

They enter a boat into the infamous Sydney to Hobart yacht race and lose their uninsured craft to a monstrous rogue wave. After their dramatic rescue by a celebrity gangster Senor Edmondo de Luca who offers solace and money if they crew on his twenty million dollar one hundred foot Stiletto the following year. It suffers damage en route but Jake's courageous act allows Stiletto to finish with honour.

de Luca offers assistance replacing their boat and they join him in the UK for  the legendary Fastnet Yacht Race.

The boys accept the offer of a delivery of a luxury yacht across the pacific to Barbados for Senor Biagi an associate of de Luca.  Hey are joined in Teneriffe by Biagi's son Giancarlo who has a secret agenda that ultimately costs the life of a sailing companion.

In Barbados they receive a replacement yacht from de Luca and set off across the ocean on a boat with a dark secret that would involve the boys in a deadly payoff, their only options being gaol or death at the hands of gangsters leaving the boys needing a miracle to survive.

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