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Colourlogic: Pir Tareen's Colour Theory

Colourlogic: Pir Tareen's Colour Theory

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Colourlogic: Pir Tareen's Colour Theory

104 pages
42 minutes
Nov 1, 2019


Textbook for colour Matching techniques
Nov 1, 2019

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Colourlogic - Pir Tareen


Chapter Index



Notes About the Author

Critical Review

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Colour Theory

Chapter Three: Colour Placing

Chapter Four: Circle Method of Painting

Chapter Five: Colour Psychology

Chapter Six: Picture Painting

Chapter Seven: Painting by Various Theories

Colour Plate Index

Plate 1: Sophie Wheat. 80 x 90cm

Plate 2: Pir Tareen Self Portrait. 40x50cm

Plate 3: Artist’s Wife Shazia. 100x150cm

Plate 4: Kalinga Park, Brisbane. 50x60cm

Plate 5: Sydney to Hobart Race. 100x150cm

Plate 6: Dockside, Brisbane. 50x60cm

Plate 7: Reading. 50x60cm

Plate 8: Colloseum, Rome. 50x60cm

Plate 9: Lutwyche, Brisbane. 50x60cm

Plate 10: Aslam’s Landscape

Plate 11: City of Brisbane. 70x140cm

Plate 12: From Hamilton Heights, Brisbane. 100x50cm

Plate 13: Boats in the River. 50x60cm

Plate 14: Primavera. 90x90cm

Plate 15: Chelsea. 50x60cm

Plate 16: Queenslanders. 60x50cm

Plate 17: Jacarandas in New Farm Park, Brisbane. 60x70cm

Plate 18: Banksia. 70x80cm

Plate 19: Pope John Paul II - Vatican Collection. 80x90cm

Plate 20: Changing Climate. 80x90cm

Plate 21: House and a Tree. 85x80cm

Plate 22: House on the Cliff. 85x80cm

Plate 23: Chancellor Andrew Rogers. 80x90cm

Plate 24: Marina Emmanuel. 100x150cm

Plate 25: Grace. 50x70cm

Plate 26: The Poet - Steel Rudd. 50x60cm

Plate 27: Sia Patty Family. 200x150cm

Plate 28: Reclining Lady. 60x70cm70cm

Plate 29: Cheryl White. 100x50cm

Plate 30: Carolyn Barker. 50x60cm

Plate 31: Old Brisbane Museum. 60x70cm

Plate 32: Bronte: 50x60cm

Figures Index

Figure 1: Traditional Colour Wheel

Figure 2: Pir Tareen’s Colour Wheel

Figure 3: Pir’s Palatte

Figure 4: How to Select Colours

Figure 5: Colour Matching Procedure

Figure 6: Colour Matching Summary of Procedures

Figure 7: The Effect of Surrounding Colour on Red

Figure 8: Yellow is the Warmest Colour

Figure 9: Two Methods of Colour Schemes


All Paintings are Oil on Canvas, by Pir Tareen, unless otherwise stated.


I have been lucky in many ways and some of them relate to writing this book. Lucky because I was given the opportunity to be an artist in my youth in a part of the world where art and artistic education were not as well organised as they are in the western world.

Lucky because, nevertheless, I was given a thorough formal training as an artist and was able to view masterpieces in the foremost art galleries of the world. Lucky that I came to Australia where a professional artist, if he is diligent and talented, can make a reasonable living. Lucky that I have had such excellent teachers in many parts of the world who have striven, above the call of duty, to teach me the Artist’s Way. Lucky to have good friends who have helped me in many ways to thrive and to further my dedication to art – such as producing this book. I dare not mention names in case I miss one. A person of my background needs help at times and I must say that it has always been forthcoming.

I thank them all.

Pir Tareen

The 20th Century has been the great Age of Discovery. There have been more discoveries and advances in one quarter of this century than in the entire preceding history of humanity.

It should not come as a surprise then that a new discovery has been made in an area as important as the colours that surround us. What perhaps is surprising is the simplicity of that discovery.

It is based on the Colour Theory of Pir Tareen. Those who know Pir would know he is the perfect candidate to come up with such a theory. A meticulous, thoughtful, creative and lateral thinker. Pir has conceived of a new way of mixing colours that takes us far

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