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Une analyse des enjeux façonnant l’avenir économique de l’afrique

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Growth in sub-Saharan Africa has slightly recovered in 2019 (2.6 percent) from 2.5 percent in
2018. Economic recovery continues at a sluggish pace with growth in the region expected to pick
up to 3 .1 percent in 2020 and 3 .2 percent in 2021.

Accelerating poverty reduction in Africa requires action in four policy areas: fertility reduction,
leveraging the food system on and off the farm, addressing risk and conflict, and providing more
public financing to the poverty reduction agenda.

Sustaining growth and eradicating poverty calls for policy solutions to empower African women in
the following dimensions: building the right skills, relieving capital constraints, securing land rights,
connecting women to labor, addressing social norms that limit women's economic opportunities,
and boosting the capacity of the next generation.

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