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Vagina Floss 2020

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Vagina Floss 2020

Longueur: 63 pages38 minutes


Vagina Floss 2020 is a new release from Jimmy Boom Semtex and a follow up to the other 2020 volumes.

This new collection features both short stories and poems.

The varied work includes war/trash/erotic/surreal/paranormal pieces.

Aerial Observations is about ghostly encounters in the sky in several different situations. As diverse as a ghost Luftwaffe pilot to a girl of the sky.

Botty Butted Fisherman is an erotic story about a forsaken fisherman kidnapped by a randy mermaid.

In Smoked Cubans communist Cuba suffers South African nuclear strikes on its forces in this alternate history.

The poems range from Art Image which is about a unique painting; Space Marine is about a soldier protecting us from alien hordes; The Green Place is about a sacred natural place; and Garage Bonding is a festive erotic satire in a car garage.

Enjoy his new book. More in this series will soon follow...
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