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Travel Made Easy

Longueur: 440 pages6 heures


A Simple How To Travel Guide

Are you confused or worried about some particular aspect of travel?  Do you want to learn more about what to do before your trip, during your trip or after your trip?  TRAVEL MADE EASY by Carol A. Wirth can answer some of your questions.  Data shared lets you know what to expect to eliminate some stress and save you money. 

Travel can seem scary with so many decisions that must be made but let the information presented ease that anxiety.  If you are taking your first trip, this ebook TRAVEL MADE EASY will give you valuable information.  If you are retired and ready to re-explore the world, this ebook can remind you or update you on how travel has changed.

Let the author's experiences and up-to-date research simplify your travel experience.  She has been traveling for over 40 years.  Carol A.  is the author of an ebook entitled HOW TO TAKE A BETTER VACATION - SAVE TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION that includes much more information, many useful tips and hundreds of Internet sites. 

TRAVEL MADE EASY contains some information from this earlier ebook and combines it with additional new data.  It is presented in a very simple, easy to understand format.  It explains, step-by-step what you might encounter in various situations.  You will learn what to expect and what might occur.  Topics are in alphabetical order so you can read as much or little as you desire. 

Some topics will be useful each time you travel.  Some include After and Before You Leave 'to do' lists, Complaints / problems, Destinations, Diary record, Disability travel, Food, Insurance, Lodging, Medical, Options to save money, Packing, Paperwork, Pet travel, Phone and email, Photography, Safety, Scams, Shopping, Travel agents and Travel related organizations.

Other topic areas may be referred to less often.  They include Airlines, Airports, Alternative Airports, Bus, Camper, Car travel, Day trips, Foreign Travel, Frequent flyer programs, Getting to the Airport, Ticket Purchase, Security, Tours and Train travel. 

Many things including your comfort level can influence which topic areas will be most useful to you.  Knowing what to expect and asking the right questions can eliminate many of the reasons a trip did not meet your expectations.  Readers become more knowledgeable in the 'little things', the minor decisions that make a vacation more enjoyable - your best one yet. 

Travel can be unpredictable and suggestions shared can ease most negative or unplanned situations.  Important information, helpful tips and contact numbers are all at your finger tips.

TRAVEL MADE EASY can ease travel anxiety and make your whole travel experience easier and less complicated.  Enjoy your escape!

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