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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 7

Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 7

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Profound Dragon Warlord: Volume 7

608 pages
8 heures
Jan 11, 2020


He was an orphan on Earth with no one to depend on and a coward who could not punch his way out of a paper bag. All he left was his resentment against the evil of the world after being beaten to death.

He was a descendant of an ancient noble family on the Profound Dragon Continent. He resigned from his honorable position with the determination to rejuvenate his decaying family. However, being murdered by someone in his family only left his lofty aspirations never accomplished.

Two men came from different worlds, yet shared the same name. A soul full of resentment merged into a body with an unaccomplished mission. For the lifelong dreams of each other, they embarked on a long journey of cultivation.

How could a weak coward evolve into an unrivaled cultivator? How could he win back the glories of his family? And would he bring order and peace out of chaos and confusion that the Profound Dragon Continent was faced with.

☆About the Author☆

Hei Ying(黑影) is a Chinese web novel writer, whose stories feature the ups and downs in the exciting plots. He is skilled in creating imaginary worlds through his exquisite style of writing.

Jan 11, 2020

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Profound Dragon Warlord - Hei Ying



Shen Longxuan then said to the disciples of Three Sects: "Brothers, it is time to kill the enemy. Your burst pill s can freely project, but you must cooperate with each other.

Only by killing our way out of the encirclement can this world truly belong to us. Only by killing all the enemies can we become the masters of this world. Kill! "




In that moment, everyone moved, their cries for battle shook the sky. These disciples of the Three Sects, their weapons were all top class, every single one of them were highest grade spirit weapon, and every single one of them were primary level spiritual treasure.

They were all wearing clothes that Shen Longxuan had engraved with Level 7 Runes, and each of them was equipped with a few hundred burst pill. Although they were both at the Fourth Stage and Fifth Rank, with this set of clothes, they were almost invincible among those of the same stage.

A 1v1 was definitely not enough, but a 1v10 was definitely not a problem.

Therefore, before the two sides made contact with each other, a series of explosions resounded. Small burst pill s formed a dense explosion ring around three hundred meters away from the people from the Three Sects.

Dragon Abyss Sect was the first to rush forward, and before he could even let out a scream, his body was smashed to smithereens.

Bastard, you bunch of trash, don't you want to tell me that I'm going to use my shield? The Sun family's old ancestor roared.

But he already had no time to care about that. Shen Longxuan and the three sect masters had already rushed up, with the six of them standing in the air, splitting into two parts and fighting against each other.

After being scolded by the Sun family ancestor, the disciples of the Dragon Abyss Sect immediately reacted. The people at the front row all took out a small shield.

With this, the burst pill's power was no longer a threat. It could only push people back.

As such, the clan elders of the Three Sects immediately ordered for the use of burst pill to be stopped, and the sect leaders no longer continued to look like Great Clan Elder Xing Yan, the s of the Peak of Martial Grandmaster Stage began to direct the troops.

Everyone take out your weapons. Long Xuan said that with our clothes, even if the attacks of the Martial Grandmaster Stage landed on them, they would be able to defend against it. So, we just need to attack and kill this group of bastards!

Right, break their shields, I want to see what kind of burst pill do they have to stop us, so what if they have more people?

Their mutters were naturally heard by the people rushing up to the Dragon Abyss Sect. They felt that these people who were besieged were all idiots, what lousy clothes, could they even withstand the attacks of the Martial Grandmaster Stage, was it really a joke?

Hey, you foreign trash, have you guys been scared silly? What nonsense are you saying here? Are you saying that you're having a good life? But why are you here? This is truly enough for a longevity starlet to hang himself!

In my opinion, they are living beings who eat arsenic. They do not even know if they are alive or not! That son of a bitch Shen Longxuan, who knows where he got his hands on such a treasure, trying to take over Dragon Abyss Sect is simply a dream!

What you guys said is not right. These pitiful children have all been deceived by that Shen Longxuan disaster. This is clearly meant to send them to their deaths!

Seeing these people slander their idols, the disciples of Three Sects were unable to tolerate it!

Especially Shen Longxuan's best friends, when they heard this, they all became furious.

Fuck you! This person was Zheng Qianwan. He had entered the Dragon Martial Sect with Shen Longxuan and witnessed his miraculous promotion, but now that someone dared to scold him, he would naturally not tolerate it.

Without the slightest hesitation, he slashed towards the opponent of the Peak of Martial King Stage. According to logic, the opponent had a shield and a high cultivation, even if he used the Martial Arts, he might not be able to harm the opponent, not to mention that it was just a normal attack.

I'm still going to your grandma, you little trash. I can take care of you with one hand, and you're still pretending to be me. Go to hell! This person felt that he had been challenged and immediately used his shield to block the blade's momentum, followed by a punch.

According to his imagination, Zheng Qianwan would definitely be killed by his fist, and he would definitely be completely unscathed.

In this kind of large-scale close combat, no one would be stupid enough to use the Martial Arts, because it was possible that they would be killed while you were preparing, unless they could launch an instant attack like Shen Longxuan. But in this world, how many people could wield the five elements?

Only someone with this kind of physique would be able to freely convert the energy in his body, so no matter what Martial Arts it was, as long as it reached the Perfection Stage, it would be able to release it with a raise of a hand.

But the long blade in Zheng Qianwan's hand was a highest grade spirit weapon that Shen Longxuan had personally made and had a level seven rune engraved on it. Its power was comparable to a primary level spiritual treasure and this was also the back door Shen Longxuan had chosen for his closest friend.

He gave special care to anyone close to him because he didn't want them to die.

Ka-cha! *


Following the two different voices, an unexpected scene appeared. Zheng Qianwan had received a punch from his opponent, nothing happened.

This is impossible? How could something have happened to you? The person said in shock.

Never in his dreams did he expect that, as someone from the Seventh Stage of Martial King Stage, he would be able to hit a person so easily with a single punch and not be harmed at all. This was simply an impossible feat.

However, what frightened him the most was that the shield in his hand actually split into two and fell to the ground. His waist was also in pain as a line of blood spurted out. His entire upper body slid to the ground.

Not only did this saber strike shatter the shield, it also cut his body in half from the waist down. He died with grievance!

Hmph, you dare to speak ill of my brother, this is what happens to you! Zheng Qianwan said angrily.

The people of Three Sects could challenge higher levels at any corner of the battlefield. Not only were their clothes heaven defying, they were also the weapons in their hands. They were practically invincible and invincible.

Haha, you bunch of trash aren't even as good as trash. In your father's hands, you're like vegetables being cut from a melon. Are you guys still arrogant? Ren Laifeng shouted loudly as soon as he killed a martial cultivator at the first stage of the Martial Grandmaster Stage.

No one could blame him for being so excited, because his cultivation had just risen into the Ninth Stage of Martial King Stage. To be able to kill a Martial Grandmaster Stage with his own hands, it would cause him to be unable to sleep for a few days!

Gan Dalei did not show any weakness as he waved his spear and thrusted out quickly. It had to be said that his weapon was extremely suitable for battles here.

In just a short span of time, he had already picked out a dozen Peak of Martial King Stage s in a row, and immediately became high-spirited, Piercing Wind, Xiao Xi, shield, spear, all in one go …

Ouyang Juntian clenched his teeth, he was also a Peak of Martial King Stage cultivator, and it was only a matter of time before he would break through, so at the beginning, he was disdainful of the equipment Shen Longxuan had given them, but now, he was completely convinced of it.

Looking at the Emperor Shen Longxuan in the sky, he felt a deep sense of defeat, but he had no choice but to accept it. At this moment, he no longer felt any hatred towards Shen Longxuan, all he felt was admiration and yearned to see her again.

One day, I will be like you. Just you wait, I, Ouyang Juntian, will not be looked down upon!

Be careful! Han Qingyue blocked a small attack for him and said angrily: Why are you so distracted when fighting, are you affected? He's a monster, why are you calling him that?"

Han Qingyue also took a glance at Shen Longxuan who was high up in the sky. Even though he could not see his figure clearly, he could feel that his aura and every single move he executed was earth-shaking.

After hearing that, Ouyang Juntian's eyes were immediately filled with gentleness. After a few years of hard work, Han Qingyue had finally become his partner, and could not help but think of it.

Even if you, Shen Longxuan, are powerful, you don't have such a good partner! Haha …"


There were many similar battles. Huo Changqing and Huo Changcun, who were wild and unbridled, fought side by side, leaving not a single armor behind. The more they fought, the more they shouted.

Junior Apprentice Brother Long Xuan is too amazing! This weapon is simply too amazing!

Brother, these clothes are amazing. Just now, a martial cultivator of the first stage of the Martial Grandmaster Stage hit me a few times, but I didn't feel anything!

You idiot. Even if your clothes are good, you can't let others hit you on purpose. Do you really not know how I could have an idiot brother like you?

Xia Yanyun was also in the crowd. When she and Chu Ling were together, the two of them seemed to have already become good sisters.

Although Chu Ling's cultivation had yet to reach the Martial Grandmaster Stage, Xia Yanyun had never treated her like it was the Martial King Stage. It was because Chu Ling's powerful soul force made her feel fear.

By their side, there were no enemies approaching. Instead, several dozen feet away from them, there were countless corpses lying on the ground. All of them had their eyes wide open and terrified, as if they had seen something terrifying before they died.

Even though Shen Longxuan had prepared everyone well, they could not avoid death or injury. With the development of the battle, both sides were already fighting red in the eyes, and the battle had reached its climax.

Although the Dragon Abyss Sect had the advantage in numbers, they did not have enough means to defend against the attacks of the burst pill.

There was no need to mention the Qian Family's Ancestor who was being attacked by Zhan Tian and the other two. Although he was a little passive, because his cultivation was two levels higher, he could still be considered as a good opponent.

Moreover, under his shrewd calculations, Zhan Tian was unable to activate the Emperor Killing Formation, so he would be fine for a short period of time.

But the Sun Family ancestor who was fighting with Shen Longxuan was different. After being beaten up so badly by Shen Longxuan, it hadn't even been an hour and he was already covered with wounds.

Furthermore, because his strength was already at the Martial Emperor Stage, his understanding and use of power was on a completely different level. The Martial Arts that Shen Longxuan cultivated in, under the display of his current strength, had all reached an unbelievable level.

This was especially so for the Essence-Condensing Arts's additional ability, the elemental qi bullet. This Martial Arts was the most fatal part of them all, not only did it cause an earth-shattering explosion, it also caused space to become chaotic.

The energy that the flower of star and moon fused with Shen Longxuan's body was not in essence an increase in his cultivation level, but rather allowed him to use the flower of star and moon's power and form an armor-like barrier on the surface of his body.

This meant that his body could move freely in this chaotic space, but the Sun family elders could not. Although he had the cultivation of Martial Emperor Stage, he had to borrow the power of his cultivation to resist the outside world's chaos.

Furthermore, his speed had been severely restricted, so Shen Longxuan was absolutely suppressing him.

Shen Longxuan was anxious, this kind of battle where victory depended on less, if they did not end quickly, it would be extremely disadvantageous for them. It had dragged on for too long, the opponent's revolving battle had already started to take effect.

The three great sects had already suffered heavy casualties. Although the three great sect masters would not be defeated, it was still very difficult to win.

Although Shen Longxuan seemed to have the upper hand, it was difficult to say for sure. The flower of star and moon's time limit was almost up.

It was at this point that the five days of support arrived. As soon as they flew into the 5-Star Sky, the Sun Clan Patriarch was overjoyed. Although it was only a few tens of thousands of battle prowess, this was the last straw that could crush a camel to death.

With this group of people, Dragon Abyss Sect will definitely win!

"Hahaha, Shen Longxuan, do you see that? Our reinforcements have arrived, and today you will definitely lose. The three great sects will be annihilated today because of your deceit, and you will be the sinner in their hearts.

I wonder if these people will come and find you after they become ghosts. They want you to have a taste of your life, hahaha … The Sun family's ancestor, who was extremely frustrated by the beating, proudly shouted.

Moreover, his voice was loud enough that everyone present could hear him. When they felt that a large number of people had rushed over, the disciples of the three great sects immediately panicked.

On the other hand, the people from the Dragon Abyss Sect s were as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

However, it was easier to forget one's pride!

Just as the Sun Family Patriarch laughed proudly and was distracted, Shen Longxuan finally found a chance to use the eye of profound dragon.

He immediately fell into an illusory realm and felt two large blood-red eyes staring at him. The pupils of these eyes were like two black holes that sucked in people's souls, and there was even a dragon's might that even heaven and earth could not resist as it descended.

Actually, with Shen Longxuan's mental strength, he was not affected at all. But because he was proud, he was struck by it, and although it was only a short moment of absent-mindedness, it was already enough.

Brutal Charge!

Shen Longxuan's figure suddenly disappeared from his original position. With his ten times the strength and speed, his physical body's strength could already be compared to that of the Fourth Stage of Martial Emperor Stage. He was like a golden meteor streaking through the sky, approaching in an instant.

The Sun clan's ancestor finally regained his senses, but it was already too late. He felt a power that was more than ten times stronger locking onto him, it was as if Shen Longxuan was carrying the power of the heavens and earth as he charged over.

Savage! Without any scruples, charge! His strength was boundless.

This force made him unable to move. Even if he wanted to escape, he couldn't. Right now, it was only a matter of danger. It was a matter of life and death!

At this moment, he struggled with all his might, forcefully biting the tip of his tongue. The intense pain made him instantly sober up, and the spiritual energy in his body circulated rapidly.


The entire sky shook violently from the impact. The Sun family's ancestor screamed as he flew backwards. At this moment, he only had half of his body left, but the tenacious vitality of the Martial Emperor Stage made him want to escape.

However, such a heavy injury had already greatly injured his vitality. He was incomparably weak, and as Shen Longxuan was not his match in the first place, how could he possibly escape?

Shen Longxuan smashed apart the remaining half of his body with a teleportation and even grabbed his elemental spirit s, sealing them inside the Universe Ring.


Old Freak Sun!

All of these things happened too quickly. Earlier, the people of the Dragon Abyss Sect were still flaunting their might, but at this moment, their spiritual leader, the ancestor of the Martial Emperor Stage, was killed by Shen Longxuan, and they had even captured the elemental spirit.

The disciples of the Sun family in the Dragon Abyss Sect were stunned, as was the Qian Family Ancestor. Out of the three great Martial Emperor Stage Patriarchs, he was the only one left. Looking at Shen Longxuan's blood-red eyes, he actually had the urge to escape.


Just at this time, everyone from the Second Junior High School heard a loud and clear roar that sounded like a dragon or beast, following that, miserable cries came from the Dragon Abyss Sect disciples who had come to assist.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

More and more Demonic Beast roared and rushed out, they were wantonly biting and tearing at the disciples of the Dragon Abyss Sect, causing them to tremble in fear.

Whether it was the sky or the ground, they were all endless Demonic Beast and in the air stood a gigantic Demonic Beast with a dragon's head and phoenix wings.

As if it was the King among beasts, all the Demonic Beast in the world should worship it, and that was the truth. It stood in the air and was currently commanding the beasts below it to massacre the martial cultivator s.

Hahaha, it's the wind-thunder beast, this guy is here to help us!

It's the Xiaolei. This guy must have gone somewhere to be lazy, but he came at the right time.

What? ~ Is this the Dragon Martial Sect's guardian beast? It's too powerful! "

Shen Longxuan was finally relieved. The flower of star and moon's power had already dissipated, and he had turned into a martial cultivator of the Martial King Stage.


The Demonic Beast s were extremely fast, with such a large number, they were like a beast tide. In a few breaths of time, they had already arrived in front of the Dragon Abyss Sect s who were surrounding the disciples of Three Sects.

This time, it was the Three Sects's turn to be happy. Under the encouragement of the Demonic Beast, they showed their might and beheaded the panicking martial cultivator.

Shen Longxuan landed on the ground and searched for Ancestor From Li Family's corpse. But strangely, he did not find it, could it be that it had been destroyed?

He then turned his attention back to the battlefield and started to command the Three Sects disciples to retaliate. From the looks of it, before long, the Dragon Abyss Sect would definitely be massacred clean.

Since the loss has already been decided, Shen Longxuan then shouted out loud: Dragon Abyss Sect, now that the situation has turned around, why are you still not giving up?

Surrender and don't kill!

Surrender and don't kill!

The disciples of the Three Sects followed Shen Longxuan and roared loudly.

His voice shook the whole world, spreading in all directions!

The disciples of the Dragon Abyss Sect were already enemies to begin with. Now that they were shouted out, they immediately had thoughts of surrender, but their eyes were all looking at the fighting elder of the Qian Family in the air.

As for the other two ancestors who were either dead or injured, the only one who could make the decision now was Qian Family.

The Qian Family's ancestor was also shocked, but the thing he was most afraid of was Shen Longxuan. Just now, the Sun family's ancestor was killed by him using lightning as a means to suppress his elemental spirit, causing him to feel fear from the bottom of his heart.

However, he was not willing to give up. After operating for so long, he finally had the chance to take over the Dragon Abyss Sect. He and the Sun family's ancestor had already discussed and agreed to take 50/50 each.

But who would have thought that Shen Longxuan would appear out of nowhere, making the two of them want to be mantis stalking and eating cicadas. With the oriole behind them, they picked everything up, not expecting the Li Family to be so useless, and also because of the treasures on Shen Longxuan's body, they made their move.

The victory was already in their grasp, but things suddenly reversed. Not only was the Sun family's patriarch killed, they did not even know where these Demonic Beast came from, making their plans come to naught once again.

Now that things seemed to have progressed to this point, there was no longer any possibility of turning the tides. He looked at Shen Longxuan who was glaring at him like a tiger and sighed helplessly.

At this point, he no longer had the heart to fight, not just for himself, but for his entire family.

Forget it! We …

Wait, Elder Qian, what rights do you have to make the decision for us? We, the Li Family, swear to never bow our heads!

Before Qian Family's ancestor could finish his words, he was interrupted. Everyone looked towards the direction of the voice and saw the heavily injured Ancestor From Li Family standing in the sky.

Seeing that, everyone was confused, while the people of Li Family cheered.

Haha, it's great that our family's ancestor isn't dead. And from the looks of it, he's not injured at all!

The ancestors of our Li Family are invincible.

Long live Ancestor!

Ancestor From Li Family was unmoved when he heard the cheers. He did not have any expression on his face as he said, My sons from Li Family, are you willing to sacrifice your lives for me?

We are willing!

The people of the Three Sects felt that under the current circumstances, even if the Ancestor From Li Family did not die, what water would be left? Even the ancestor of the Qian Family felt the same way.

Old Monster Li, there's no point in resisting now. Let's surrender!

Ancestor From Li Family coldly snorted, and said: "You shameless thing, don't think that I don't know what you're thinking. Do you think that I don't know about the things you did with the Sun family?

Hmph hmph, I just won't point it out. You guys are the only ones who have a way out, I don't have a way out? Today, all of you who are present here will accompany my dead Li Family citizens in death! "

Shen Longxuan was also a little lost at the moment. He could not see anything unique about the Ancestor From Li Family that could kill everyone present.

Boss, that old thing is abnormal. He has an evil aura around him, and he really wants to summon something evil. I can feel that if he can successfully summon it, we'll all be finished.

Hearing about the wind-thunder beast's Sound Transmitting, Shen Longxuan finally noticed that it was indeed the case. Furthermore, he felt that this aura was familiar, so he suddenly thought of a terrifying thought.

Nether Profound Hall?

Sect Leader Zhan Tian, activate the Emperor Killing Formation immediately and kill this old demon from Li Family. He wants to summon the people from Nether Profound Hall! Shen Longxuan immediately gave Sound Transmitting to Zhan Tian.

Then he continued to speak: Qian Family Ancestor, you better help us get rid of him. He is a member of the Nether Profound Hall, if he succeeds, none of us will be able to escape. Everyone should kill the old demon from the Li Family.

Hahaha, it's too late! All of you can go die!

Ancestor From Li Family laughed out wildly, and an object in his hand was suddenly crushed by him. In an instant, all the blood on the battlefield was attracted, whether it was the blood on the ground, the people's bodies, or even the wounds, all of it flew up.

In just a split-second, all the blood from their wounds gushed out and they turned into a dried corpse.

Especially the people from the Li Family. All of them exploded with a loud bang, turning into balls of blood fog, flying into the air. There were too many people who died here, it could be said that their blood flowed like rivers.

Thus, in just two breaths of time, all of the blood was attracted and soared into the air, forming a blood colored light shield above everyone's heads.

Blood Seal! Are you really from the Nether Profound Hall? Shen Longxuan roared loudly.

Everyone reacted. They were no longer fighting, but were thinking of how to charge out of this place. Even the Demonic Beast that was enveloped felt uneasy and ran and crashed into each other, but it had undoubtedly failed.

To exit from the seal was basically impossible, especially since the one who used the Blood Seal was a martial cultivator of the Martial Emperor Stage. This was millions of times stronger than the one that was set up in the blood devil all those years ago.

From the looks of it, even if everyone attacked, they would not be able to break it. Otherwise, the Ancestor From Li Family would not boast like this, because unless the array was broken from the outside, everyone here would become nourishment for the Blood Seal.

"Hahaha, Shen Longxuan, consider yourself knowledgeable. I have cultivated this Blood Seal for many years, so even if all of you attack together, you won't be able to break it.

Originally, they were left to deal with the two great clans, but by some strange accident, they even cleaned up the three little sects, saving a lot of trouble. Jie, jie, jie …

When he said that, his voice suddenly stopped, and a terrifying suction force suddenly came from the Blood Seal, everyone only felt as if the spirit energy on his body flew away.

"This is only the beginning. Once the Blood Seal is fully activated, even the blood will be absorbed from the body. By then, it would be too late!

I really did not expect that the people of the Li Family were actually all from the Nether Profound Hall. Shen Longxuan asked indifferently.

Things in the world were really strange. A moment ago, this group of people were still killing each other, but now, they were all sitting together in a friendly manner. It seemed that in this world, there were only eternal benefits and no eternal enemies.

I really don't know. If we knew about this, we would have killed him long ago. Can we still let him grow till now? Since you have such a deep understanding of this damned thing, do you have any way to break it? "

Right now, he had already treated Shen Longxuan as an existence at the same level as him. Even if he was to look at Shen Longxuan's cultivation level, which was only at Martial King Stage, he did not dare to underestimate him.

Furthermore, Shen Longxuan still had three sect masters of the Martial Emperor Stage by his side. That was a real Martial Emperor Stage, and it even had a Emperor's Killing Array Scroll. All of this made him keep his distance.


Shen Longxuan thought for a while and said, "Initially, it was also by chance. All of us attacked the Blood Seal a little, and when its strength exceeded the Blood Seal's limit, we would destroy it!

On this point, we can give it a try. Otherwise, we can't just sit here and wait for death.

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, there were people who immediately gave it a try, especially the ancestor of the Qian Family, who led his people from the Qian Family to the edge of the Blood Seal.

This kind of attack power was no small matter. Furthermore, there was also the attack from the Martial Emperor Stage, so the sky and earth should have changed color.

They had clearly used a lot of power, but it was completely useless. The Qian Family Ancestor quickly stopped them, because he realized that all of their attacks were being devoured by the Blood Seal.

The first part of the Blood Seal to fall was the Demonic Beast among them, the demonic energy in their bodies causing them to feel fear and become even more furious, adding that the wind-thunder beast and the majority of the Demonic Beast were outside, they started attacking the human in front of them.

This caused the already chaotic scene to become even more chaotic. Shen Longxuan hurriedly used his spiritual sense to communicate with the wind-thunder beast, shocking the scene.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk … Do you feel helpless, unable to do anything but wait for death to come? " At this time, the Ancestor From Li Family's sinister voice sounded again.

The Qian Family Ancestor furiously said, "You old fogey, I never thought that you would actually be Nether Profound Hall's dog. No wonder that group of Nether Profound Hall s were able to escape after receiving such heavy injuries thirty years ago.

Now that I think about it, it must have been your masterpiece, right? How many of us was killed and how many lives were taken by him from your Li Family?

"Old Man Qian, well said, martial cultivator like us, if not for the blood stains on our hands, the number of people you would have killed would not be any less than mine.

Even if I die, I can still help raise my cultivation. Isn't that a good thing? All of you will become nourishment for me to break through the Fourth Stage of Martial Emperor Stage, you should feel honored! Jie, jie, jie …

He wanted to kill people as a motivation to increase his own strength. If he really succeeded, then the entire Dragon Abyss Sect would become a base for the Nether Profound Hall.

When he becomes strong, the entire internal domain will probably be in for a disaster. By that time, even if he has the heart to help, he will not have the power to reverse the situation and the consequences will be unimaginable.

At this time, the Ancestor From Li Family clearly felt that the refining speed was too slow.

With his cultivation, killing these people was an easy task, especially in this Blood Seal s. They came and went like lightning, and if they couldn't even see his figure, he would die.

Without even a chance to scream, Shen Longxuan quickly gathered the people from the three major sects and shouted loudly, Old bastard Li, this form of address is very suitable for you. See if you're a human or a demon, come and catch me if you have the guts!

You … Hmph, I'll let you see the people around you die one by one, taste the pain of losing your family and friends, and then be killed by me in despair. That kind of blood of despair tastes the most beautiful, jie jie …"

Immediately, the ancestor's voice drifted about, unable to be locked on.

As he had said, people from the three great sects began to die frequently. The panic instantly spread, and everyone began to despair, especially in this bloody space. This kind of feeling was like a poison, and some people with weak consciousnesses were the first to collapse.

Some of them were crying bitterly and scared to death, but there were some that were like Demonic Beast. Their eyes were bloodshot as they crazily attacked everything around them.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk … This is how it is, this kind of blood with negative emotions is simply the delicacy of the world, Shen Longxuan, do you want to try it?

If it wasn't for the fact that Nether Profound Hall has been paying attention to you for a long time and wanted to rope you in, do you think you could have escaped time and time again? Now that I have chosen to be loyal to the Nether Emperor, I can let you go and enjoy these people with me.

Ancestor From Li Family paused for a moment, as if he was giving Shen Longxuan time to think, but he did not stop moving, as he continued to kill all of the mentally collapsing humans, or even the crazy human beings.

Yet, he ignored the calm people, as if only such a person was of great use to him. Moreover, in order to create a terrifying atmosphere, he used the blood colored fog to transform into a dead human and made all kinds of miserable faces to scare people off.

"Bullshit, although I did not experience the great battle between the Human Clan s, I still know that the race competition is more important than anything, yet you actually chose to rely on the Ming Clan to deal with humans.

Wanting me to join is simply a dream. Let me tell you …

When Shen Longxuan said till here, Ancestor From Li Family suddenly laughed, Tsk, tsk, tsk … Shen Longxuan, you are truly heartless, it is fortunate that our Holy Maiden thinks of you every day, for your safety and not thinking of eating at all, my heart aches for you! Don't you want to see her?

Shen Longxuan opened his mouth wide, suddenly he was speechless, all of these years when he saw the miserable scene that the Ming Clan had created in the world of the Dragon-Beast Realm, his heart slowly sank.

Firstly, was his hatred towards the Nether Profound Hall, which was caused by the justice in his heart. In everyone's heart, there was a standard for judging one's right and wrong, which also led to there being good and bad people in the world, because the standards in their hearts were different.

But most people know good and evil. What is good? What is evil? Actually, the criteria of right and wrong were different.

Shen Longxuan felt that everything that the Nether Profound Hall had done was wrong, thus, every single one of them were evil people, but the woman he liked was within them.

This put him in an awkward position, so he had been trying to escape. At this moment, he heard someone bring it up again. His mind was in a mess.

After a long while, he was awoken by Chu Ling who stood beside him. He let out a long breath, Perhaps, the reason I wanted to find her was because of an answer in my heart?

Other than that, he felt that not everyone in the Ming Clan was a bad person, just like the Nether Ghost Hall's Li Taibai.

Furthermore, the Nether King Fist he learnt was also honorable and upright, which made him suspect that there were good and bad ones in the Ming Clan, and the Nether Profound Hall was such a bad power.

Junior brother, what's wrong? Chu Ling asked.

Shen Longxuan shook his head with all his might, looking at the peerless beauty beside him who had a worried expression, he smiled and said: Senior sister, I'm fine, I just don't know how to break through this Blood Seal, and am troubled!

Junior brother, I noticed something strange. Is it useful to you? Chu Ling continued.

Shen Longxuan's eyes lit up, Hurry up and tell us, what's abnormal, maybe this is the breakthrough point for us to rush out! Shen Longxuan knew that Chu Ling's soul was different from ordinary people, and sometimes he even felt that this girl's soul was even stronger than his consciousness.

Chu Ling was excited in her heart. She had to work so hard in order to help Shen Longxuan and not be a burden to him. Now that she could finally do something for him, she felt happy.

Junior brother, although this formation is sturdy, it is not without flaws. With my soul perception, the essence of this formation is to devour. This is the reason why there are so many powerful attacks that are useless against this formation.

I have roughly discovered three points that are controlling the entire formation. As long as we destroy these three points, we will definitely be able to tear open the formation, which is the Blood Seal that you were talking about. "

Hearing Chu Ling's analysis, Shen Longxuan laughed.


Shen Longxuan knew that what Chu Ling was talking about was definitely this Blood Seal's weakness, which was also the eye of the formation.

Senior, you're really amazing. So many people were helpless, yet you were able to see through them. Senior, quickly tell me, where are these three points?

Shen Longxuan asked calmly.

Hearing Shen Longxuan's praise, Chu Ling was elated as she quietly told Shen Longxuan these three things.

It caused us to be swallowed by a dozen of disciples by the old monster. Yet, all of you are in such a state that you are not even the slightest bit injured, are you using us as cannon fodder? "

Humph, I've already said that this is the way of the past, moreover, your people being killed is your problem, what does it have to do with me? Don't think that I wouldn't dare to kill you here. If you anger me, I'll destroy you first!

Shen Longxuan's words made the Qian Family's ancestor dare to be angry, but he did not say anything, he just brought the people from the Qian Family to the side and started thinking of a way himself.

The reason he shouted back to the Qian Family Elder was because he didn't believe him. These old fellows had all lived for hundreds or thousands of years, who knew if they had teamed up together to eliminate him.

After they had explained their plans, the three great sect masters brought a group of martial cultivator s and began to wildly assault the Blood Seal, attracting the ridicule of the Ancestor From Li Family s from time to time.

However, although they looked to be in a mess, they were gradually nearing the three suspicious areas. Shen Longxuan was in charge of attracting the Ancestor From Li Family's attention.

And when the Ancestor From Li Family saw him personally kill the Sun Family Patriarch, he felt a kind of fear towards Shen Longxuan. Even though he looked like he only had the cultivation of Martial King Stage, he definitely did not dare to underestimate him.

Although the two of them did not fight, the stifling atmosphere between them was even more tense than when they were fighting.

Amidst this tense atmosphere, the three people of Sect Head Zhan Tian's group finally arrived at the designated location.

Boom boom boom!

Three violent explosions sounded out, and the entire formation shook. Shen Longxuan was overjoyed, he was sure that he had succeeded.

As the three groups of people continued their attack, the Blood Seal swayed more and more violently. Even the Qian Family Ancestor ran over, but he still maintained a distance away from Shen Longxuan.

But right at this moment, the Ancestor From Li Family suddenly burst out laughing, You guys are really smart, you actually found the Formation Aperture, but unfortunately, if you guys had found it in the beginning, it would have been of some use. Now that the formation is activated, this bit of damage is already useless!

What he said was the truth. Although the attacks were getting more and more intense, the Blood Seal was shaking less and less.

Tsk, I thought I found a way to break it. Looks like it's the blind man lighting the lamp. It's all a waste! The Qian Family elder mocked.

did not believe that there would be a formation without a weakness, the Blood Seal focused on internal defense, then its weakness must be external. Thinking up to here, his eyes flashed, and he immediately told the wind-thunder beast the location of the Sound Transmitting, and also instructed it to attack from three different locations. At this moment, the wind-thunder beast was in a hurry, it had been sealed in a formation like this with Shen Longxuan previously.

That was why he clearly remembered how powerful the array was. Now that the martial cultivator of the Martial Emperor Stage had cast it, it must be a hundred times more powerful, so he did not dare to rashly rush in.

After hearing Shen Longxuan's Sound Transmitting, it immediately swore and promised. Then, it gathered the beasts outside and split them into three parts, waiting for its order to break through the Blood Seal.

"How is it, Shen Longxuan? He had clearly found the weakness of the formation, but he was unable to break through it. This feeling should be called despair, you all don't need to worry, everyone here will eventually merge together with the Blood Seal.

This way, I can break through the Fourth Stage of Martial Emperor Stage. Relying on the Blood Seal, I can do whatever I want in internal domain.

Ancestor From Li Family's figure had already turned blood-red, and there was a faint black gas appearing. At this moment, her appearance was truly like that of a devil.

Brother Li Family, on account of us being in the same sect, please let us out. I agree to let you continue to be in charge of the Dragon Abyss Sect, as long as you give us your orders, even if we have to go through fire and water, we will not refuse. Look …

Seeing that, the Qian Family's ancestor also walked over to please him, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by a cold snort.

"Hmph, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with me? If you want to live, then kill Shen Longxuan and the others. Let me see your determination.

This …

Hmph, you can't even do this much, why are you still trying to negotiate with me! Ancestor From Li Family turned his head to look at Shen Longxuan, and said: "Shen Longxuan, what I had just said to you was that I wanted you to join us, to serve Lord Nether Emperor.

It's still too early to agree to it now. I can guarantee that you and your men won't die, or else I'll have to kill them all. None of your people here can leave this place alive! "

This time, Shen Longxuan was at least ninety percent certain that he could blast away the Blood Seal. He arrogantly said: Wanting me to join you all is simply a dream, I have already clearly expressed myself. Also, this whatever Blood Seal of yours, I'll break it for you right now!

As such, he said loudly: Shen Longxuan, you dare to speak to Brother Li like that. I think you have lived enough, all Qian Family people, come together and kill these people.

At first glance, Shen Longxuan could not help but cry out, the three great sect masters were not by his side, their group only had a little more than a thousand people, but their highest cultivation was only in the Peak of Martial Grandmaster Stage.

The other side also had a thousand people, and the most important thing was that the Qian Family's ancestor was a Martial Emperor Stage Cultivator, this was simply using an egg to touch a rock.

However, he maintained his composure and sneered: "Qian Old Man, you want me to take your elemental spirit and refine it as well? If it wasn't for the fact that old fogey Li was afraid of me, he would have made his move long ago.

Since you're not afraid of death, I'll grant you that wish. Come, let me see how much of an improvement you have made in order to be able to take one and a half of my moves. "

Shen Longxuan's calm attitude made the two patriarchs unable to make a decision. According to the strength that Shen Longxuan had displayed, the two of them together might not even have a chance of winning.

Boom ~ ~

Just then, a world-shaking explosion came out from the Blood Seal, causing Ancestor From Li Family who was still standing in the air to immediately spurt out blood. He turned his head in shock, looking at the unbelievable sight before him.

The Blood Seal shattered like a mirror.

How is this possible? Ancestor From Li Family almost cried. This scene meant that the Blood Seal he cultivated was completely useless, and if he wanted to continue using it, he had to start training again.

How is that possible? How could you destroy my Blood Seal?! This is simply impossible! "

While he was stunned, Zhan Tian and the rest had already flown back. Just now, they had noticed Shen Longxuan's dangerous situation, but did not dare to withdraw. That way, they could only let the two old monsters see through Shen Longxuan's strength.

That way, Shen Longxuan would be in a place that would be impossible to escape from. At this moment, he activated the Emperor Killing Formation without hesitation and enveloped the Ancestor From Li Family that was still rooted to the spot.

He screamed and was about to run, but was forced into the array by Kuang Ying and Fei Ming, who were already prepared.

Zhan Tian unreservedly used his full strength, pushing the Emperor Killing Array to the limit.

And at this

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