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Book of Jewels, For Personal Development

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Book of Jewels, For Personal Development

Longueur: 149 pages2 heures


Book of Jewels, for personal development contains eleven of the biggest life lessons that I’ve learned, and those lessons are captured within each chapter. The chapters open with an original quote that frames it to help bring each life lesson into focus. I’ve shared my most important life lessons in this collection of personal stories and experiences with Envy, Love & Fear, Faith vs. Religion, Dating, Difficult Conversations and more. This work is intended to help you grow exponentially. The dominant theme that’s threaded throughout this work and evidenced in each of the chapters is learning to trust your instincts.

“I started writing this book almost eight years ago, so it’s been a long time coming—I know. It was an on and off process because I wasn’t quite ready to write it. I had more living and learning to do. There were more life experiences that I needed to gain in order to write the things I wrote in this book. It feels ready now.”—Craig Stewart

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